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Types of Poetry: Elegy : 

Types of Poetry: Elegy Unit 2 Lesson 3

Elegy : 

Elegy Definition: “a melancholy poem that laments its subject’s death but ends in consolation” from the Poetry Foundation online Often, the elegy has a dedication to someone

Example Elegy : 

Example Elegy Elegy on Toy Piano (EXCERPT from www.poetryfoundation.org) by Dean Young For Kenneth Koch You don't need a pony to connect you to the unseeable or an airplane to connect you to the sky. Necessary it is to love to live and there are many manuals but in all important ways one is on one's own. You need not cut off your hand. No need to eat a bouquet. Your head becomes a peach pit. Your tongue a honeycomb. Necessary it is to live to love, to charge into the burning tower then charge back out and necessary it is to die. Even for the trees, even for the pony connecting you to what can't be grasped.

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