Types of Exercise

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Types of Exercise : 

Types of Exercise

Types of Exercise : 

Types of Exercise Cardiovascular Training Flexibility Training Weight Training

Cardiovascular Training : 

Cardiovascular Training Also called aerobic training, this type of exercise builds endurance by keeping the heart pumping for an extended period of time. It helps increase the pumping ability of your heart, relaxes blood vessels, improves cholesterol, strengthens bones, and helps you lose weight.

Examples of Aerobic Exercises : 

Examples of Aerobic Exercises Brisk walking, swimming, and climbing stairs, running, dance exercise, and tennis.

Flexibility Training : 

Flexibility Training These exercises help your muscles stretch farther in a given direction. Flexibility training helps prevent cramps, stiffness, and injuries, and can give you a wider range of motion. These exercises also emphasize proper breathing, balance, and alignment.

Examples of Flexibility Training : 

Examples of Flexibility Training Yoga and tai chi, dancing, martial artsgymnastics.

Weight Training : 

Weight Training Also called strength or resistance training, these exercises build up your muscles and help maintain bone density. Strength training involves performing repetitions ("reps") that move specific muscles in the same pattern repeatedly against a resisting force.

Resources : 

Resources http://pennhealth.com/health_info/exercise/000330.html

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