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Human Reproduction : 

Human Reproduction Lesson 32

Human Reproduction : 

Human Reproduction Reproductive system - the body system that makes it possible to create babies, or offspring. During puberty, this system of both males and females undergoes changes.

The Female Reproductive System : 

The Female Reproductive System Two main jobs… Store egg cells (female reproductive cell) Create offspring During puberty, the egg cells begin to mature. If a cell is fertilized, a baby will eventually grow from it. Fertilization - the joining of a female egg with a male reproductive cell If an egg is fertilized it will travel through the fallopian tube to the uterus The uterus is the organ in the mother’s body where a baby will develop until birth.

Menstruation : 

Menstruation Each month the uterus forms a thick lining to prepare for a developing baby. If the egg is not fertilized, menstruation occurs. Menstruation - when blood, tissue and the unfertilized egg flow out of the body Also known as a “period”. Most girls can expect to begin this between the ages of 9 and 16.

Caring for one’s self : 

Caring for one’s self One way to care for the female reproductive system I to practice good hygiene. It is normal to have some cramping during menstruation. Exercise can sometimes help. Teens should speak to their doctor if they have serious pain or heavy bleeding during menstruation.

The Male Reproductive System : 

The Male Reproductive System Makes reproductive cells called sperm. Sperm cells are made inside the testes. These testes are part of this system. When a male’s sperm joins with a female’s egg cell, a baby is produced. The testes are also part of the endocrine system.

More about… : 

More about… In addition to making sperm, the testes also produce the male hormone. This hormone controls the development of the male reproductive system. Some of the reproductive organs are located outside the body.

Care for one’s self… : 

Care for one’s self… Care needs to be taken during contact sports to protect them. Good hygiene habits will help keep the male reproductive system healthy.

More information… : 

More information… About growing up, check out www.kidshealth.org Growing up http://kidshealth.org/kid/grow/

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