Different types of Narrative and Lyric

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Different types of Narrative and Lyric Poetry : 

Different types of Narrative and Lyric Poetry Or It’s Storytime!

Narrative poetry/Lyric poetry : 

Narrative poetry/Lyric poetry Narrative poetry tells a story, but there are different types of narrative poetry or stories. Each type of narrative poetry tells a different type of story in a different way. Lyric poetry has a musical quality and the speaker presents emotions, ideas, or thoughts.

Epic : 

Epic An epic is a long, narrative poem that centers on a single important character. It implies that the poem has – - a heroic character - an action of great importance - a range of adventures that often span hell (the underworld), earth, and the heavens (or the upper world of the gods)

Ballad : 

Ballad A ballad is a narrative poem that depends on regular verse patterns and strong rhymes. Many ballads originated as songs and were passed on orally from person to person. Most ballads have lots of action and adventure and have a tragic ending.

Elegy : 

Elegy An elegy is a lyric poem which expresses mourning, usually over the death of an individual. It may also be a lament over the passing of life or beauty. An elegy usually uses formal language and structure, and has a melancholy tone.

Ode : 

Ode An ode is a complex and lengthy lyric poem written in formal style on some serious subject. Each of these poems are usually very lengthy.

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