Energy and the Environment

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Energy and the Environment : 

What is the impact of energy production on the environment? Energy and the Environment

Fossil Fuels in General : 

Fossil Fuels in General

Global Warming and Acid Rain : 

Global Warming and Acid Rain Global warming- theory that states that increase in carbon dioxide levels will cause average temperatures to rise Acid Rain- caused by the gases released from burning fossil fuels when they combine with water in the air

Impact of Fossil Fuels : 

Impact of Fossil Fuels

Petroleum(oil) : 

Petroleum(oil) Oil spills- are toxic to living things

Petroleum : 

Petroleum Burning petroleum by-products causes air pollution CO2 released from burning oil adds to global warming NO2 and SO2 contribute to acid rain

Coal : 

Coal Mining for coal disrupts the environment Burning coal pollutes the air

Natural Gas(methane) : 

Natural Gas(methane) Drilling for natural gas disrupts the environment

Impact of Windpower : 

Impact of Windpower Can disrupt the environment

Impact of Geothermal Energy : 

Impact of Geothermal Energy There are only a few places on Earth where the magma is close to the Earth’s surface, Elsewhere, very deep wells would be needed Deep wells are very expensive

Impact of Hydroelectric : 

Impact of Hydroelectric The building of dams can have negative effects on the environment

Biomass Fuels Impact : 

Biomass Fuels Impact Turning crops and garbage into energy is expensive

Nuclear Energy Impact : 

Nuclear Energy Impact Radioactive waste from nuclear power plants is dangerous to living things

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