Simple Machines

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Objectives : 

Objectives Define simple machine Identify six types of simple machines Describe 3 types of pulleys and 3 classes of levers

Slide 2: 

Machines help you do work by changing the size or direction of a force.

Inclined Planes : 

Inclined Planes Inclined planes Wedges Screws

Inclined Plane : 

Inclined Plane

The Wedge : 

The Wedge

Where can we find wedges? : 

Where can we find wedges? Wedges that split: Your teeth Every time you bite into something, you are using a wedge. Wedges that cut: A saw A knife Wedges that tighten: A doorstop to keep the door open. Wedges that hold things together: A nail holds wood to a wall or other wood.

Screws : 


Levers : 

Levers Levers Pulleys Wheel and Axle

Levers : 


First Class Lever : 

First Class Lever Fulcrum in the middle of the bar Examples Pliers Paint can opner Teeter-totter effort force resistance force

Second Class Lever : 

Second Class Lever Resistance force (load) is in the middle Examples wheel barrow door nut cracker resistance force effort force

Third Class Lever : 

Third Class Lever Effort force is in the middle Examples baseball bat fishing pole canoe paddle broom resistance force effort force

Pulleys : 


Slide 15: 

Types of Pulleys fixed compound moveable

Fixed Pulleys : 

Fixed Pulleys

Slide 17: 

Moveable Pulley

Compound Pulley : 

Compound Pulley

Block and tackle : 

Block and tackle

The Wheel and Axle : 

The Wheel and Axle

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