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Symbolism : 

Or What does it Really Mean? Symbolism

Symbolism : 

Symbolism A symbol is a person, place, thing or event that stands both for itself and for something beyond itself. Just as this laughing book might mean a funny story is held within.

Symbolism in Poetry : 

Symbolism in Poetry Often it means that there is a deeper, hidden meaning to the poem. Often the reader will not get too far into a poem before he suspects this is not just a simple poem, but it houses a deeper meaning. This is the time to look for symbolism.

Common Symbols in Poetry : 

Common Symbols in Poetry Poetry has several common symbols, such as: A red rose means love A raven means death A steep hill means a long journey usually life The real trick is for a poet to create a free, unique symbol that is easy to understand.

More than one Symbol : 

More than one Symbol It is not uncommon for certain subjects in poetry to have more than one symbol. Death might be a withered rose; a raven; the end of a road. Here are two symbols for the same idea. What is it?

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