Muscular System

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Muscular System : 

Muscular System

Your Muscles : 

Your Muscles Every person has muscles. They help you do almost everything. Some muscles like your heart work on their own. Others you can control, like the muscles in your hand. Humans have over 600 muscles.

What are Muscles? : 

What are Muscles? Muscles are made up of fibers that are stretchy, like a rubber band. Each muscle is made up of thousands of these fibers.

Types of Muscles : 

Types of Muscles We have three different types of muscles in our body: Cardiac Muscles Skeletal Muscles Smooth Muscles

Cardiac Muscles : 

Cardiac Muscles Cardiac muscles are the muscles in your heart. They work together to pump blood through your body. Cardiac muscles work all by themselves.

Skeletal Muscles : 

Skeletal Muscles Skeletal muscles are the muscles that we control. We use them to walk and lift. They work with your skeleton to give your body power and strength. They are usually attached at one end to a bone.

Smooth Muscles : 

Smooth Muscles Smooth muscles are another type of muscle that we cannot control. They work on their own. We have smooth muscles in many organs, like our stomach. The muscles help push food through the body.

Your Face : 

Your Face Your face is one of the most muscular parts of your body. The many muscles in our face are attached just under the skin. That is why we can make so many different faces.

Something to Think About : 

Something to Think About Your tongue is a muscle that is only attached on one end. Without your tongue, you couldn’t talk or chew food!

More Information : 

More Information Click on the following link for more information about your muscles.

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