Basic first aid

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Basic first aid : 

Basic first aid Temporary emergency care or treatment given to the sick or injured

Basic first aid steps : 

Basic first aid steps Check the scene - Be sure it is safe to help Check the victim for responsiveness gently shake the victim Ask are they are ok Determine number of victims Find out what happened Is there anyone that can help you

Using 911 : 

Using 911 Call 911 for help Know where you are Victim information what happened Anyone else there Stay on the line let them hang up first REMEMBER, do not call 911 unless there is a real emergency!

Care for the victim : 

Care for the victim Airway open with tilt head and lift chin Breathing look listen and feel No breathing give two breaths Child and infant breath once every three seconds Adult breath every five seconds Circulation no movement begin CPR30 compressions and two breaths

Universal precautions : 

Universal precautions Use gloves when handling blood issues Wash hands after each period of assistance

Choking : 

Choking Ask can you speak, if they can then leave them alone Performing five abdominal thrusts Stand behind the person Wrap your arms around them so that your fist is between their ribs and belly button Hold your fist with your other hand and pull in and up as if scooping ice cream Continue to do until the object is ejectedget medical help REMEMBER, do not actually practice on a person who is not choking.

Burns : 

Burns There are three degrees: First, Second and Third First Degrees redness or discoloration, mild swelling, and pain. Sunburn is an example Second Degrees blisters, red, or mottled, painful Third Degrees Deepest burn, looks white or charred this involves many layers of the skin

First Aid for Burns : 

First Aid for Burns For First Degree and second that has no open blisters, flush with cool running water For Second Degree with blisters Third degree burns, apply a dry dressing and bandage loosely, DO NOT use water or other ointments. Seek medical attention immediately!

First Aid for Bleeding : 

First Aid for Bleeding Cover the wound Apply direct pressure Cover with bandage Seek medical attention

Nose Bleeds : 

Nose Bleeds Lean head slightly forward while pinching nostrils If bleeding continues put ice on nose and apply pressure on lip just under the nose.

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