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Body Image : 

Body Image

Body image is.. : 

Body image is.. Body Image is the feeling or perception you have about the way your body looks. Mass media plays a role in our view of who or what looks good. Television, videos models and advertising, help define Americans perceptions of the ideal Males look good if tall nice features wide shoulders big muscles Females look good if skinny or thin pretty smile beautiful hair unrealistic body standards

Your Family : 

Your Family Your body image is affected by the people around you Your family is a great source of positive support Family will say things that help you feel good about your body Once in a while, some family comments may hurt your feelings, but remember they don’t mean to do that!

Magazines : 

Magazines Some kids look at magazines and think that they should look like the teen models in the magazines Sometime the images are unrealistic Kids have bodies of all shapes and sizes, not all girls are very thin and not all boys are very muscular

Friends, Peers, Teachers and Coaches : 

Friends, Peers, Teachers and Coaches All can be a good influence on your body image because they support you when you feel uncomfortable Some kids your age sometimes take part in bullying or teasing with negative comments about your appearance. Try not to let this bother you too much.

Television : 

Television Like the magazines, sometimes TV portrays all girls as thin and all boys as muscular People on TV are not typical If you find that you compare yourself with the people you see on TV, remember that these people are made to look a certain way. TV uses “tricks” to make people look a certain way

Build a Healthy Body Image : 

Build a Healthy Body Image A healthy body image means being comfortable with your body and its appearance Keeping this in mind will help you face a lot of challenges in the future Be Realistic: accept your body, everyone has a different size and shape

Simple steps to help you feel better “Live Well, Feel Well” : 

Simple steps to help you feel better “Live Well, Feel Well” Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables every day Drink plenty of water every day Eat foods low in fat Eat foods low in sugar Eat foods low in salt Be physically active

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