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Ecosystem : 


An ecosystem is a natural unit consisting of all : 

An ecosystem is a natural unit consisting of all Biotic Factors (living factors) Plant Animal Microorganisms Abiotic Factors( Non Living Factors) Chemical and physical make up of land and environment.

Energy Flows in an Ecosystem : 

Energy Flows in an Ecosystem Food Chain Describes how energy flows between species in an ecosystem. Food Web Group of interconnected food chains. Food chain in a Swedish lake. From the bottom: freshwater shrimp, bleak, perch, northern pike, osprey

Tropic Levels : 

Tropic Levels Consumers Producers Decomposer

Energy Pyramid : 

Energy Pyramid Ex. Coyotes Ex. Snakes and hawks Ex. Mice, Gophers and Birds Ex. Grasses, Tree Leaves, Flowers

Ecosystems are dynamic : 

Ecosystems are dynamic Ecological Succession: Gradual change happens over time, and this impacts the organisms that live there. Equilibrium: Balance Carrying Capacity

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