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4 types of context clues CONTEXT CLUES

Definition: : 

Definition: A CONTEXT CLUE is a hint given by the author to help the reader figure out unknown vocabulary words.

Context Clues : 

Context Clues Context clues may be found in the same sentence and/or in the surrounding sentences. There are 4 types of context clues

A Synonym Clue : 

A Synonym Clue A synonym, or word with a similar/same meaning, is used in the same sentence Example: His pertinacity, or stubbornness, is the cause of most of his trouble. 1

Antonym Clue : 

Antonym Clue An antonym clue is a word or group of words that are opposite of the unknown vocabulary. Example: Although some men are loquacious, others hardly talk at all.

Explanation Clue : 

Explanation Clue An explanation clue includes an explanation of the word in or around the sentence in which it is located Example: The tornado annihilated the whole town to the point that nothing was left standing.

Example Clue : 

Example Clue An example clue includes specific examples that help define the word. Example: Ecclesiastics, such as priests, ministers, and pastors, should set models of behavior for their congregants.

More Examples : 

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