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Blackboard Tips and Tricks:

Blackboard Tips and Tricks Deanna E. Mayers Director of Curriculum

Just to mention it again…. organization is important!:

Just to mention it again…. organization is important! It will be helpful, as you are developing a course, create a template or a checklist of what items you think are necessary in each lessons or unit. This will help students be more comfortable navigating the courses. A checklist or development plan keeps your focus on essential content.

Working with Tabs:

Working with Tabs It will be helpful, as you are developing a course, to work with multiple browser tabs open at the same time. For example, you may need BSNtube open in one tab and your course open in another tab. You may also have a favorite external website open in a third tab. Using multiple tabs allows you to see various web pages without losing your place in your Blackboard course. How to: Open a new tab in your browser (depending on the browser) by clicking FILE > NEW TAB. Right-click on any web link to open it in a new tab. Right-click on any Blackboard tab or link to open it in a new tab.

The Blackboard Class Menu:

The Blackboard Class Menu Hide and show the menu using the right / left facing arrow directly beside the menu. Pop-out your class menu by clicking on the “Display Menu in New window” option. View your class menu as an outline by clicking the “Folder View” icon, then on “Expand All” If you pop out your menu, then view it as an outline, you can print your class outline.

Build Content:

Build Content Formatting Tool bar aids your input of text Stick with the Simple format choices in the drop-down Use common fonts like Arial and Times New Roman Use the number tool for lists, avoid hand numbering lists! Use basic formatting for your items. Remember that sometimes less is more. Use color, bolding and highlighting and font changes for instructional emphasis – not just for decoration.

Build Content:

Build Content Action and more formatting on this tool bar Hover over each tool to see what it does! The equation editor and symbol tool allow you a chance to input more complicated or unusual characters. Web link tool to add a simple Internet link Table tool – hint make sure you plan your columns and row before you start Highlight important text to draw attention Strip unneeded formats with the “Clear Formatting” tool

Cleaning up Embed Code:

Cleaning up Embed Code Often, when you embed items in your course, some extra symbols show up below the embedded item. These symbols are part of the code called a tag, and usually look like this: </>. If this symbol shows up in your course, you can remove them by: Double-down Edit the item then just delete the extra code tag. Submit.

Build Content:

Build Content Add content on this tool bar to the text editor area Remember to use the image tool if you want to see the image displayed in the editor Attach a file and “replace the file name with text” to flow better in instruction Attach video and audio – but this may have bandwidth concerns.

Working in a Text Box:

Working in a Text Box Try to avoid copying and pasting directly from Microsoft Word. Word is a program designed for print output while Bb is designed for web output so they speak different languages and use different formatting code. If you copy and paste from Word, Bb often doesn’t understand the formatting code from Word and you will experience spacing and formatting issues. Sometimes these issues are so severe that they prevent Blackboard tools from working properly for students. If you do have content that you want to copy / paste from Word, it is best use these three steps: Copy from Word Paste into Wordpad (Windows) or Text Edit (Mac) to remove all formatting. Then copy from here. Paste into Bb and format using Bb tools.


Attachments Attach in-line with text with the tool on the text editor OR Use the Attachment tool in step 2 to add an attachment.

Organizing a Content Area:

Organizing a Content Area Minimize / Maximize items to reduce scrolling during course development Reorder items thru drag and drop or by using the manual reordering button at top-right Double-down > copy to make an identical copy of an item in another location in your course or to in a different course. Double-down > move to relocate an item to another location in your course or in a different course.

Mark Reviewed:

Mark Reviewed Turn on “Mark Reviewed” to create a check-off system for students When enabled, students are click a Mark Reviewed button to indicate they completed the item. Once clicked, the button changes to say “ Reviewed .”

Mark Reviewed:

Mark Reviewed Teachers can check the status of user reviews from the User Progress page or the Performance Dashboard.

Adaptive Release:

Adaptive Release Create an Adaptive Release rule for this content item based on: User Date Success on graded item Review status Each choices narrows the availability of this item to users.

Communicating with Students:

Communicating with Students Direct Email Blackboard Message tool Email Announcements

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