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Web 2.0 and More:

Web 2.0 and More Deanna E. Mayers Director of Curriculum Blendedschools.net

Linking to a Resource:

Linking to a Resource Use the link tool to add a link within a textbox wrapped around instruction. If the website is the primary focus of the item, use the Web Link tool under Build Content. This will give student the Web link icon as a cue for the activity. Open websites in a new window to allow easier navigation for students.

Embed Content:

Embed Content HINT: If you need to embed code that is an “iframe” code, turn the text editor off and then paste the code and submit.

MashUp Tools:

MashUp Tools The mash-up tools in a text box editor allow you to quickly search for and add content, including images, video, presentations and voice authoring recordings .

YouTube MashUp:

YouTube MashUp Options for posting: Thumbnail Embed Video Text link with Player

Voice MashUp:

Voice MashUp Record your own audio and easily post it to your lesson. Play back your recording to make sure you are happy with the record – record if you need to! Download the finished audio (after you submit).

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