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A Collection of Computer Help, Tips & Advice By: Mr. BASAVKUMAR

Contents : 

Contents 10 tips to Stay Safe and Secure Online 5 Tips For Buying The Right Laptop Computer 2 PC Annoyances and How to Solve Them! How To Keep Your Computer Virus Free Internet Safety Beginner's Guide to Music File Formats 5 Ways to Speed Up Your PC The Seven Golden Rules Of Data Backups

Tips to Stay Safe & Secure Online : 

Tips to Stay Safe & Secure Online Avoid the obvious Make it non-dictionary Use the full 8 characters Mix the case Include non-alphabetic characters Don't write it down Assign a different password to each login id Employ a password manager Logout when you're done Close that browser

Tips for Buying the Right Laptop Computer : 

Tips for Buying the Right Laptop Computer Size Hard Drive Memory Network Connections Price

PC Annoyances and How to Solve Them! : 

PC Annoyances and How to Solve Them! Disappearing Internet Explorer Status Bar Missing File Extensions

How to Keep Your Computer Virus Free : 

How to Keep Your Computer Virus Free Malicious codes come in three basic formulas: Viruses Trojan Horses Worms

Internet Safety : 

Internet Safety Protecting Yourself while using Email and the Internet

E-Mail Safety Tips : 

E-Mail Safety Tips Think of E-Mail like a postcard Don’t click on links in E-Mail For example: Don’t open files with the extension.exe, .zip, or .scr Don’t send personal information inE-Mail Remember not everything is true (hoaxes) Don’t use your Preview Pane

E-Mail Safety Tips : 

E-Mail Safety Tips Don’t assume E-Mail from friends, family, or co-workers are safe. Use descriptive subjects If you are suspicions for any reason do not open!

E-mail Safety Tips : 

E-mail Safety Tips Have more than one E-mail account One for family and friends One for online purchases, product registrations, subscriptions, forums One for online chat or instant messaging

Spam : 

Spam Unsolicited, Unwanted, and Inappropriate E-mail Mortgage offers Diet drugs/Viagra Chain letters Nigerian get rich schemes European Lottery Winners Hallmark Greetings

Spam : 

Spam How to avoid and reduce the amount of spam you receive: Filters Forward spam to Complain to legitimate businesses Read Privacy policies

Spam : 

Spam How to avoid and reduce the amount of spam you receive: Opt out Use a front Avoid Sweepstakes and Surveys Unsubscribe (with caution) Never buy from or reply to Spam

Chat /Instant Messaging : 

Chat /Instant Messaging Online conversations in which you are able to send messages back and forth to one another immediately. Chat Rooms Interest Groups Instant Messaging Message Boards / Walls

Chat /Instant Messaging : 

Chat /Instant Messaging Safety Tips Gender neutral screen names Use a free Email account Provide as little personal information as possible Who are other users???

Chat / Instant Messaging : 

Chat / Instant Messaging Safety Tips Lurk to Learn Don’t get drawn into conflicts Block or Ignore unwanted users If a forum gets stressful, leave it. Use monitored forums

Shopping Online : 

Shopping Online Many people are afraid to shop online due to the safety and privacy issues. However if you keep in mind basic security measures, it can be a safe and fun experience.

Credit Card Security : 

Credit Card Security Which Credit Card? Choose a credit card NOT a debit card. Choose one card for online use only. Extra fraud or online purchase protection. Low credit limit. : Pay with a credit card or directly from your bank accounts. Widely used on EBay. Only have to give financial information to one company.

Shopping Online : 

Shopping Online If you are going to give out your credit card number online: Make sure you are on a secure site. Make sure YOU initiated the contact. Don’t follow an email link. Type web addresses carefully.

Shopping Online : 

Shopping Online Read privacy statements Don’t give out SSN, DOB, or your Mother’s Maiden name Decline free trial offers Safety Tips

Shopping Checklist : 

Shopping Checklist Check Better Business Bureau Request a Catalog Don’t rely on a “Nice” website Physical Address Phone Number Print order information Return / Restocking policies

Identity Theft : 

Identity Theft Someone uses your personal information without your knowledge to commit fraud or theft. Open a new credit card / use your current cards Apply for other loans (cars or store line of credit) Empty your current checking/savings account Purchase cell phones / long distance phone calls Ruin your credit rating!

Identity Theft : 

Identity Theft Prevention Tips – Do not store personal financial information on laptop computers. Before disposing of a computer delete all personal information. Review websites privacy policies. Request free credit report

Identity Theft : 

Identity Theft Public Computer Safety Tips Beware of “Shoulder Surfers” Use 2-finger typing for passwords Do NOT allow public computers to remember your log in and password. ALWAYS Sign Out or Log Off Close the browser window

Identity Theft : 

Identity Theft If you’re a victim – File a report with your local police or the police in the community where the identity theft took place. File a Complaint with the Contact the local Post Office to make sure a change of address has not been filed.

Cookies : 

Cookies Small pieces of data that are stored on your computer after visiting a website. Used to make your surfing more personal, convenient and unique.

Cookies : 

Cookies What is in a cookie? Name of the site Expiration date Date & time of your visit Type of computer you have History of the pages you visited

Cookies : 

Cookies Cookies can NOT: Store personal information unless you fill out a form with that information Access other files on your computer Look at other cookies.

Cookies : 

Cookies Controlling your cookies: Set your privacy and security settings to at least medium. Delete cookies that you don’t need

Cookie Settings : 

Cookie Settings In Internet Explorer Click on Tools Click on Internet Options

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General Tab – Browsing History or Delete Cookies

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Privacy Tab – Set restrictions on cookies

Beginner's Guide to Music File Formats : 

Beginner's Guide to Music File Formats The MP3 File Format The WMA File Format The WAV File Format The AIFF File Format The MIDI File Format The RA File Format

Ways to Speed up Your PC : 

Ways to Speed up Your PC Disk Cleanup Utility Defrag Uninstall Unused Software Buy More RAM Stop Them at Startup

The Seven Golden Rules of Data Backups : 

The Seven Golden Rules of Data Backups Backup often Don't keep any volatile data on desktop PCs Automate the backup process Monitor the backup process Keep backups offsite Produce a "backup recovery" manual Test the recovery procedure periodically

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Follow these simple common-sense tips and you'll enjoy greater online security while benefiting from the many advantages the Internet has brought.

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