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WebQuest La Casa de Mis Sueños:

1/11/2012 1 WebQuest La Casa de Mis Sueños 10/13/10 Copyright 1996-98 © Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.

Introduction :

1/11/2012 2 Introduction Spanish II PROJECT NAME: My Dream House Due date: Monday, November First, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation:

1/11/2012 3 You will use specific Spanish vocabulary and grammar structures used to describe the rooms and furniture / appliances found in a home. You will design, label and share a floor plan for your “Dream house”, write an essay and conduct an oral presentation describing it in detail. Task

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1/11/2012 4 Process I will show you a virtual tour of some houses in Mexico. Look for their architectural designs and compare them to the houses in the United States. I will give you specific vocabulary in Spanish for a house environment.

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1/11/2012 5 Visit a dream house in Monterrey , Mexico Visit some houses for sale in Lake Chapala , Mexico. Information Resources

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1/11/2012 6 Design your own floor plan Step 1: On Monday, Oct. 18 you will create a first draft of an architectural design of a house that you would consider your “Dream House,” including all the labels in Spanish. Step 2: Work with a partner and share and evaluate each other’s drafts. See that the required vocabulary is properly labeled and ask each other specific questions regarding the details on the floor plan. Step 3: I will ask some of you to share your first drafts and present to the entire class.

PowerPoint Presentation:

1/11/2012 7 Step 4: Draw in full color a finished version of your Dream House’s floor plan, labeling in Spanish all the rooms and furniture/appliances contained in those rooms. Use the specific vocabulary that you have learned (refer to your textbook: Chapter 5 and page R8 “En la casa” (towards the end of the book), or to your comp book for additional vocabulary that I have or will give you during class) This project is due on Monday, November First, 2010. I will deduct one full letter grade for every day late.

PowerPoint Presentation:

1/11/2012 8 Type an essay in Spanish (double spaced) walking us through the house. In your essay give directions to all the rooms of the house, then explain where the different items (furniture/appliances) contained in the living room, the kitchen and one of the bedrooms are located, including their colors. For example: La sala está a la derecha del pasillo. En la sala hay una mesa café al lado de la puerta, etc. (The living room is to the right of the hallway. In the living room there is a brown table next to the door, etc.) Finalize with the reasons why you like the house. The essay should not be longer than two pages (a sheet of paper on both sides). This is also due on Monday November First, 2010, and the same policy for turning it late, as for the floor plan, applies. Extremely Important: DO NOT USE ANY translator or dictionary to do this project. All the information you need is either in the textbook or in your comp book. If I suspect that you used any other source I will question its authenticity and you may receive a ZERO for plagiarism. This should be YOUR OWN work, not the work of a translator.

Evaluation Rubric :

1/11/2012 9 Evaluation Rubric Maximum possible points: /60 A) Floor Plan Design Appearance: _____ (up to 5 points) Vocabulary used correctly:_____ (up to 15 points) B) Written Report: _____ (up to 20 points) in Spanish. C) Oral Presentation: _____ (up to 20 points) in Spanish. The Oral presentation should be spoken in Spanish ONLY. It should neither be shorter than 3 minutes nor longer than 5 minutes. You may not use any aid, other than your actual floor plan that you are going to be referring to.


1/11/2012 10 Conclusion This WebQuest will give you an opportunity to increase your knowledge of Spanish in a fun and meaningful way. I hope you enjoy working on it. Atentamente: El Señor Ville

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