God's Work in Camichines, 2011, Ranchito con Esperanza, Casa Hogar Eir


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God's Work in Camichines, Mexico, 2011 Ranchito con Esperanza Casa Hoga Eirene


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God’s Work in Camichines 2011

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Meet the Gang!

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Dad and Director Mom and Administrator

Slide 4:

Our new staff , Steve and Jo Ann Hohenberger .

Slide 5:

Jenny – grade school teacher!

Slide 6:

Lacy Preschool teacher and an ever present person in our house. :)

Slide 7:

Juli Helps in the kitchen and with cleaning

Slide 8:

Juan Helps with construction , planting and much more

Slide 9:

Acosta kids

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The Children’s Shelter was founded in December 2008 It sheltered 18 children this past year. At the moment there are 12 children (plus our 4, so 16). The 12 were either sent to us by the government for protection, or their parents placed them here voluntarily because they are unable to support/care for them.

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We thank God for all that He has done for these children and pray that He will expand this ministry in the near future. Here are some pictures of them.

Slide 21:

A uni - sock?

Slide 25:

Lost a tooth!

Slide 31:

Water Wars

Slide 32:

He was copying the girls : )

Slide 34:

Diaper changing time! Dad’s way! :)

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Coming home from church

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God works in this ministry through people like you . Because of your help , we are able to stay and care for the children and work on these projects! We can never thank enough those who have already helped us and continue to do so. There are many different ways in which you can be part of this ministry. Prayer is first!

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Teams or Individuals come down and help with anything and everything. They are a HUGE blessing.

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With construction…

Slide 49:

Playing with the kids… Playing with/teaching the kids…

Slide 52:

t eaching them to ride a bike …

Slide 53:

Help maintain the bikes they learn to ride…

Slide 54:

Help in the kitchen…

Slide 56:

Sit and read with the kids… (they love this!)

Slide 59:

Plan a craft day for the kids in town…

Slide 60:

Or just clown around!

Slide 61:

We were very blessed recently in being able to buy almost 10 acres of land!!!! This land will have many uses! This is a small part of that land ->

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Next year the land will be used for planting corn and garbanzo and housing sheep . It is now home to our cows which is great because they used to live in the backyard of the team house!

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The land has no well at the moment but once a well is drilled , planting year round and greenhouses are in the plans. Growing our own food and teaching the children to do so is an important part of their education .

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The last phase of this project includes building more houses to shelter about 15 children each . Each house will have its own house-parents so the children can grow in a family environment .

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A ll of the children are taught at home. Praise God that there are teachers here to help this school year! But we still need teachers for the years to come. (something to pray about!)

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Vacation Bible School is held every year for the children who live in town. They play games, do crafts, sing, learn Bible stories and eat a snack. An average of 80 to 100 kids attend each year.

Slide 68:

Fun at… V.B.S.!

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This is the main house. I t has been in progress for nearly ten years now , adding on bit by bit when funds were available and when people came to help. It is now important that we finish it as soon as possible .

Slide 74:

The Hohenbergers ’ and future team house

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There are many different ways in which you can help! Even if it was not listed here, you can help in whatever ways God has gifted you.

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“And now, these three remain; faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

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