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Stream-line streamlining

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This bike rider crouches and uses a streameline helmet to help her go faster Air Resistance Next

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The helmet was streamelined to it reduced drag and air resistance

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Air resistance Air resistance will slow the parachute down

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So we know what air resistance is, but what is drag. Drag So just how streamline can you get

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The most effective streamline shape is... Any guessess The tear drop

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So is this the future for transport This streameline shape may one day be common to see on our roads every day Or are we already there

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The streamline shape helps the car go faster and increases fuel efficiency There is no drag to slow the car down Streamline is used in many other objects such as: Jets/air crafts, cars, ships/boats and trains ect... ect...

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Witch is the most streamline? Lets find out! It was the car because it had less air resistance and less drag, the van had more drag because the back was flat. So what do we now know

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The End Thanks 4 watching

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