Activism Project

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Activism Project : 

Activism Project Sydney Bryan Women’s Studies ETSU

The Project : 

The Project Raise awareness Raise money for Safe Haven Bake sale Flyers T-shirts

My Part : 

My Part Collected money from the bake sale Handed out flyers at vulvapalooza

Likes and Dislikes : 

Likes and Dislikes Large group Amount of effort by volunteers The meeting times conflicted many people’s schedules Location Like Dislike

During the Process : 

During the Process T-Shirt sale Group members worked hard T-shirt order Meeting times Things That Worked Things That Didn’t Work

If I had to do it again : 

If I had to do it again Worked the bake sale Ordered a T-shirt Made more of an effort to change the meeting time so I could attend. Same Differently

How was it feminist? : 

How was it feminist? We all worked together to achieve a common goal. The project was women related by discussing domestic violence.

Success! : 

Success! Goals were achieved Friendships were made WE HAD FUN! 

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