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On August 12 th 2011 June Regina Rickard passed away peacefully with her family at her bedside at her home at Rose Villa care home in Sonora CA. She was born June Regina Van Deventer to John Herbert Van Deventer and Isabelle Stone Van Deventer on June 19 th 1923 in Yonkers, NY Mom was above all a loving and caring and devoted mother to us all. She raised nine children, giving each one of them her constant love and attention. For each of us, she was our rock in life. No matter what troubles we had we knew she was always there for us with her forgiving and unquestionable love, she was our mother. She was also a devoted wife who always supported her one and only husband in life, Marshall Jay (Rick) Rickard throughout their 66 years of marriage. She stayed with Rick through thick and thin, across oceans and throughout the joys and trials of raising a large family. She was a devout Catholic who was a faithful follower all her life. She will always remain in our hearts.

June Regina Rickard:

June Regina Rickard June 19 th 1923~August 12 th 2011


` Mom at about 3-5 yrs old

Mom in her teen years at Peach Lake :

Mom in her teen years at Peach Lake

Riding horseback with her brothers :

Riding horseback with her brothers

Mom was really quite beautiful as the next few photos suggest :

Mom was really quite beautiful as the next few photos suggest

Mom at Peach Lake :

Mom at Peach Lake

Slide 14:

…and adventurous too!

Slide 18:

“Playing” around with Dad’s gun

At Great Neck Long Island :

At Great Neck Long Island

Slide 22:

A handsome husband To be… What’s not to love

Slide 23:

Mom in her wedding dress

Slide 25:

Mom and Dad at left with Mom's Brothers & Sisters

Slide 27:

And so it starts a family of nine children Marshall is born

Slide 29:

A proud new Mother with Marshall

Slide 30:

With Marshall and Doug

Slide 31:

Mom’s hand made dresses

Slide 32:

A bit out of focus but showing a typical Rickard camping trip; Tent’s that Dad Made Grandpa Rickard, Mom & Dad and several kids

Slide 33:

Thanks Giving of 1954 Suddenly there are six Left to Right; Maureen, Steven, Rosemary, Doug, Kathy (Kate) and Marshall

Slide 34:

Circle Drive in Salinas about 1959 We (all 9) have arrived

Slide 39:

Mom could really be a social butterfly

Slide 40:

Vintage 1974

Slide 43:

With Maureen and Lori

Slide 44:

At Dana Way House in Merced

Slide 46:

With Sean May

Slide 47:

Vintage 1981

Slide 48:

With Rachel on Dana Way

Slide 49:

With Rosemary, John, Michele and Lori Coulson

Slide 51:

With Sylvie in Los Osos

Slide 52:

With Heather in La Selva Beach

Slide 53:

With Lea in Moro Bay

Slide 57:

Going for a boat ride in Moro Bay

Slide 63:

Thanksgiving 2009

Slide 69:

You will always remain In our hearts dear Mother And Loving Wife June

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