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A small college project about embedded computer


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Embedded Computers : 

Embedded Computers Bryan Ramirez Ch. class: CSCI-1100-F 4/4/2009 1

What is an embedded Computer? : 

ONLINE Definitions: “Embedded computers are incorporated into other devices.” “All embedded systems are computer or control systems” “The most commonly found and used computer” What is an embedded Computer?

Embedded Computersareeverywhere : 

Embedded Computersareeverywhere Consumer electronics, home automation, process controllers, robotics, automobiles, computer devices and more

Applications : 

Applications In digital clocks, an embedded microcontroller functions only to display the clock Modern cars have tire pressure monitoring systems to warn with signals if tire pressure is low In security alarms: an LCD status display, and a keypad for entering a password Mp3’s, telephones, digital televisions,cameras, answering machines, DVD players and many others.

Slide 5: 

Characteristics Found in many applications because them are commonly cheaper. Limited processing capabilities. The components used to create embedded systems are continually changing. Embedded computers are blurring the boundaries of the markets; this is why Apple is moving into consumer electronics. Software used for embedded computers usually on small storage. Some embedded computers have an input method like a keyboard and/or a screen.

Slide 6: 

My opinion about embedded computers is that they have become indispensable because we use them everyday Embedded Computers Embedded In a normal day we use them on our homes. The television control is an embedded device. In our garden, the sprinkling machines are embedded devices or even the lights. Microwaves and printers include also include embedded computers . Facts

Types of embedded computers : 

Types of embedded computers Computer Boards Hybrid Memories Personal Navigation Many many others PC-compatible boards are attractive because of the small size, highly integrated in low-volume embedded and ruggedized systems The new line of memories between RAM and ROM. However, they maintain the contents without electrical power, just like ROM Connect to online services, Bluetoothphones, vehicle or handheld global positioning systems (GPS) and windows based computers and the internet

Disadvantages : 

An E.B applicationis hard to develop becauseof the lack of resources Full computer Systems providemore options Disadvantages Few resources Can not fail Challenging Unreliability isn’tAn option in securitymarket Fight in PC’s Market Re-introducementto market

Slide 9: 

This isn’t a embedded Computer

References page : 

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