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Today, the whole marketing strategy has taken a steep turn from forcing the customer to engaging the customer and this is where Digital Marketing plays its dominant role. Digital Marketing tries to attract the attention and engage the viewer though rich informative content so that user’s trust can be established.


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DIGITAL MARKETING Is it Important In this fast paced world where mobile and laptop screens get most of the time and attention of the users getting on those screens is the best way to boost your business. There was a time when businesses advertised aggressively through bill boards as people spent a lot of time staring at them stuck in traffic jams. Unfortunately the traffic jam situations haven’t improved a bit but now people are staring at their mobile screens while they are stuck in traffic and hence the billboards are just getting seriously ignored. There was a time when TV advertisements played an important part in marketing strategy and although they are still dominant advertising technology they are just a turn off for the viewer and most of the time the user has an option to change the channel while an advertisement in playing on the screen. Today the whole marketing strategy has taken a steep turn from forcing the customer to engaging the customer and this is where Digital Marketing plays its dominant role. What does Digital Marketing Do Digital Marketing tries to attract the attention and engage the viewer though rich informative content so that user’s trust can be established. In today’s world where the user has the access to the whole world of products and services right at the click on the mouse making the same user believe that you have the potential to deliver the correct products and services reliably is a tough challenge and this only can be done by proving yourself to be knowledgeable trustworthy and knownto the customer and this can be done best through Digital Marketing. How is Digital Marketing done Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for various techniques which are used to attract the attention of the users and engage them further. It employs various techniques like SEO SMO SEM PPC Link Building etc. to market your business to the world. It gives your online business the correct market exposure so that you are not only noticed by the users but also trusted by them so that when they are ready to make the purchase you are the best choice in their mind. Digital marketing is a coordinated effort to bring any business in the limelight in cyberspace and needs perseverance and patience to begin with but pays with ripe fruits of success in the long term.

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Important components of Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization SEO Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by the marketers to make your site visible to the search engines. Now if you are wondering why that is even important because you are not selling anything to the search engine but to the humans visiting your site then the guiding word for you is VISITING your site. You cannot get a visitor to your site on your own. In this big world chances are bleak that people will stumble upon your site on their own automatically. The traffic to your site is drawn through search engines. When a user is looking for something the search term is entered in the search engines which turns up the relevant pages in front of the users to choose from. But if you are not on the top search pages then it’s almost like you are near nowhere because users generally do not look page after page for your product. Search Engine Optimization helps your page become readable by the search engines so that you can come up higher on search engine results. It takes the help of various techniques like keyword optimization data structuring link building creating backlinks hyperlinking etc. to make your site rank better in online searches. Techniques like link building make your website trustworthy and acknowledged by other websites and hence positively affect your overall ranging on the search pages while also bringing refined traffic to your website. If you truly want to have sufficient traffic to your website and succeed in Digital marketing then Search Engine Optimization is the best way to do so. However you should remember that Search Engine Optimization is a constant process and a long term one too and hence the effort has to be continued because remember that when you aren’t working someone else might still be working. This is the best way to grow traffic to your site organically and hence in the long run it proves to be the most effective way to bring qualified traffic. Search Engine Marketing SEM Search Engine marketing is another way to bring instant traffic to your website through paid mediums. It focuses on bringing paid traffic through advertisements and hence while SEO will bring organic traffic in the long run SEM gives you the benefit of faster traffic from the very beginning through paid advertisement on the search engines. These advertisements are in the form of Pay per Click advertisements and are more focused on the relevant keywords for the intended searches. Although it is a paid medium to bring searches it shouldn’t be taken lightly as wrong choice of keywords bad quality score and misplaced advertisement along with poor conversion ratios can prove to be disastrous for your business. Search Engine marketing campaigns are something that should be run by experienced agencies with expertise in the field as any wrong decision will not only lead to loss of money on wasted advertisements and but also to downgraded ranking on the search engines and hence might even prove to be counter -productive for your business. Search Engine Marketing campaigns will focus on finding the right keywords creating better landing pages and help in improving the quality score of the clicks. Pay per Click advertisements will cost you according to the score and rank you have and hence having a good Search Engine marketing campaign helps you in bringing qualified and focused traffic to your websites and get more exposure at less cost.

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Social Media Optimization SMO Social media has emerged strongly in the past and never had any medium been of such a help to the marketers ever in future. Social media platforms give you a populated space to showcase yourself as a brand and make yourself known to the world. But social media attention is not something quite easy to gain. You will need engaging content which is easily shareable highly informative and really interesting. A well -coordinated Social Media Optimization campaign can bring a lot of traffic to your site as there is a lot of potential in it. However what’s important for a good Social Media Optimization campaign is to have a focused team which knows its target audience fully well and has the potential to create engaging and informative content regularly. You will be surprised to know that every day millions of new articles info graphics blog posts video blogs are added on the social media platforms and if your content doesn’t stand out in this race you wouldn’t be able to make your mark. Having a great Social Media Optimization team is an asset your business will cherish forever and your ROI will keep increasing. Social mediums have recently shown that potential of information going viral is very high and this is a very positive thing for businesses eyeing for public attention. However this should be remembered that not everyone’s content will have the potential to go viral and hence a well -structured Social Media Optimization campaign will have the potential to carry the good the average and best together and work for the benefit of your company in the long run. Digital marketing has great potential in today’s world as the biggest part of the population with purchase potential is bent on those bright illuminated screens of mobile phones tablets laptops and PC’s and if a coordinated effort is carried out not only you can familiarize them with your name but also with your product so that when they are ready to make a purchase they trust you and make an informed choice. In this age of information technology the stress is highly on informative and knowledgeable relationship and Digital marketing gives you the correct platform to do so.

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