How to Boost Your Magento Store Security?


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An informative slideshow, sharing detail information about how to boost security of your magento website.


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How to Boost Your Magento Store Security?


1. Keep Magento Updated Keeping you Magento updated will not only help you to improve your security, but it will also enhance your website performance, because new release usually fixes the bug and patches also.


2. Backup Website Data Regularly Taking regular backups can help you to resolve many issues. While taking backup of your website, you need to make sure to keep all the copies on another server. So if your server crashes or a hacker gets access to your server you can always have your data restored from another server.


3. Use Strong Password Admin password is the most important factor in our checklist to make your website secure. Your password needs to be strong , because easy passwords like birth date, phone numbers and even a simple combination of numbers can be brute forced.


4. Don’t Use Same Password Many people don’t know that using the same password or the same combination for several logins actually increases the risk of losing all of your accounts at once.


5. Use Two Factor Authorization Even the safest password is useless if it can be stolen. To improve the level of security for your Magento store, it is recommended to use any second authorization factor for example, IP address.


6 . Use Firewall You can setup firewall to block public access to your web server. If you don’t have a permanent IP address to give access to through the firewall, use VPN or Port Knocking technology.


7. Look For Suspicious Activity in Logs It is recommended to regularly check web server logs and look for errors or suspicious activity.


8 . Change Backend URL This method is more helpful to fight against hacking bots and brute force attacks. You should also make sure that the new Backend URL is hard to guess and the older one is returning as 404 error.


9. Set Baseline Minimum Access Permissions Always set minimum access permissions for web server activities. In Magento you need records in app/ etc , media and var only, plus includes/ in case you use compilation. Extended rights may be needed for Magento Connect usage only .


10. Use trusted antivirus software Use trusted antivirus software and regularly update it to the latest version, as they add fresh information about new scumware to their databases every day. This will add to your data protection and keep you safe from malware that steals information and sends it to hackers .


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