10 Important Tips to Speed Up Magento Website


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Easy step by step guide to boost your magento store speed.


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10 Important Tips to Speed Up Magento Website

1. Enable flat categories:

1. Enable flat categories You can reduce the loading time of product or category page by simply enabling the flat catalog. Follow given steps to enable flat catalog . In admin panel: System > Configuration > Catalog > Frontend > Now you can see options for product & category, set both Yes.

2. Caching Magento:

2. Caching Magento Enable caching will reduce the number of database operations required for each page. In order to enable caching, go to the cache management of system check all items under Cache Type. Select enable next to Actions and then submit.

3. Avoid Third Party Extension:

3. Avoid Third Party Extension Many third party extensions are not utilizing the best coding practices and this issue can impact your site performance. This also requires a lot of custom development to improve. So, let’s try to use as less as possible.

4. Image Optimization:

4. Image Optimization You should resize images before uploading on website. You can set a maximum limit of 300kb for each image, because that plays a great role in boosting speed of your store.

5. Combine JS & CSS files:

5. Combine JS & CSS files This will help you to reduce the loading time of your site & enhance the quality of your codes. You can do it through System > Configuration > Advanced > Developer , find javascript settings, and choose YES in the dropdown menu next to merge javascript files and merge CSS files.

6. Enable Compilation:

6. Enable Compilation Magento compilation gathers all functions at one place, which will help to decrease the site loading time up to 50%. To enable, go to Admin > Systems > Tools > Compilation , click Run Compilation Process.

7. Optimize htaccess file:

7. Optimize htaccess file There are lots of optimization techniques available that you can use to dramatically increase Your Magento Site’s performance via your . htaccess configuration.

8. Optimize The MySQL Server:

8. Optimize The MySQL Server Having a good server can play a big role to decrease your Magento store loading and can serve your site traffic constantly without facing any downtime or complications.

9. Remove Unwanted Data:

9. Remove Unwanted Data You should remove all things like extensions, unpublished products that will not be used in future also.

10. Update Magento:

10. Update Magento Keeping you Magento updated will not only help you to improve your security, but it will also enhance your website performance, because new release usually fixes the bug and patches also.

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