Product Design Tool: What All Can Your Customers Design


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There are several online product Design tools available in the market that are deployed by store owners to offer different types of customizable products to their customer. These articles takes a look at some of these product types.


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slide 1: Product Design Tool: What All Can Your Customers Design More and more ecommerce store today are adding a product design tool in their stores. This is because the online shoppers want to create something out of the scratch that reflects their attitude choices and brings out the personal flair. Customizable products can also be priced higher. There are several online product Design tools available in the market that are deployed by store owners so that their customers can craft their design on a wide range of products. So which products can you design using these tools Let’s take a look at some of the popular and common product categories. 1

slide 2: T-shirts and apparels Printing designs on clothes is a trend we have known for long. Customers can insert cliparts images logos as well as one-liners on the colour and type of t-shirt they like. Most tools also have the facility of uploading pictures through social media accounts like instagram flickr and Facebook. One can design tshirts for different purposes like parties clubbing corporate events and more. Mugs These are the second most popular objects that customers like to be creative with. As mugs are available in different sizes and shapes the modern tool designers provide the facility to have a 360 view of them after the design is created on them. One can create and merge background as well as front images of different colours. Designer mugs can be used for personal or promotional purposes. Wine bottles Customizing labels and printing them on wine bottles is also a widespread trend. Especially when it comes to gift giving people like to do their own artwork and get their personal messages printed on the labels fixed on the bottles. It can have 2

slide 3: greeting messages for occasions like Thanksgiving Birthdays and Anniversaries. Bespoke wine bottles look quite classy after they have been imprinted with a message and image of one’s choice. Laptop and Mobile Skins Gadgets mean the world to people in today’s age. Mobile skins and covers used to protect these valued possessions are often customized by people. It is possible to emboss one’s favourite design picture or tool on these covers. The designer tool offers readymade templates as well as designs so that your customers can craft their favourite artwork on them. Some of them come with PX to CM converters that help in tailoring the area of covers into required centimeters. Banners and advertising collaterals Advertising banners and collaterals have always been ordered and printed offline. But many companies today are also opting for online print ordering process to save time and resources. Multiple designs and colour options are available for designing banners brochures and more. The customers can also have a preview of the finalized product. The mock ups are provided by the store owners to their customers so that they can have a better idea about how the end product will look. 3

slide 4: The ever-growing market of ​web to print solutions ​ keeps coming up with excellent solutions for the retailers of today. Incorporating ​HTML5 product designer tools ​ has worked wonders for several online store owners and has led them to generate better ROI. So what keeps you waiting Invest into one of them now Happy Reading 4

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