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w w w . bru n dhah om e stay. com What are the accommodation options available in Tirumala/Tirupati

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www.brundhahomestay.com If you are traveling to Tirupati without any accommodation you need not worry. If you are visiting with family you need to check properly where to stay. You need to check if it is near to the bus stand or railway station. I n t r o d u c t i o n

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www.brundhahomestay.com There are many kinds of accommodations to stay in Luxury hotels  Homestays Lodges  Dormitory

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www.brundhahomestay.com Luxury hotels Homestays These Hotels are quite expensive compared to other accommodations. They provide everything yet they are expensive Homestays are the best place to accommodate for families because you will feel a homely nature in Homestay.

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www.brundhahomestay.com Lodges Dormitory There are many kinds of accommodations to stay in Tourist places. But what is the best accommodation to stay

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www.brundhahomestay.com Brundha Homestay

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www.brundhahomestay.com Brundha Homestay provides two AC bedroom with attached Bathroom fully furnished best rooms. Also with good dining to eat with family all at once with the best rooms in it There is a large fully furnished family room to sit all together and have some quality time for the family

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www.brundhahomestay.com To relax for some time in the evenings it also has lawns in it with a swing and walks for some time. You can feel the fresh air and have a cup of tea or coffee where you can not find these amenities. Brundha is one of the Best Homestay in Tirupati.

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www.brundhahomestay.com Amenities Provided by Brundha Homestay LED tv with DTH WIFI    Meals and breakfast as complimentary with tea and coffee.

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www.brundhahomestay.com RO system for drinking water      Laundry Services      Pick and drop      Good housekeeping services.

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www.brundhahomestay.com Nearby places to visit at Brundha Homestay There are few Temples near Tirupati they are: Kapilatheertham. Govinda Raja Swamy Temple. Tiruchanoor. Sri kalahasthi. Kanipakam. Sri Puram.

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www.brundhahomestay.com Kapilatheertham: Kapilatheertham is 21 km away from Tirumala. Lord Shiva resides in kapilatheertham. People who visit Tirumala will definitely visit Kapilatheertham.

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www.brundhahomestay.com Govinda Raja Swamy Temple: The distance from Tirupati bus stand to Govinda Raja Swamy Temple is 2 km. One of the ancient temples in Andhra Pradesh.

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www.brundhahomestay.com Tiruchanoor: This temple is dedicated to goddess Padmavati. Tiruchanoor is  5.2 km away from Tirupati.

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www.brundhahomestay.com Sri kalahasthi: Kalahasti is well known as one of the Pancha Linga temples. From Tirupati it just takes 53 minutes to travel which is 37 km from Tirupati.

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www.brundhahomestay.com Kanipakam: Sri Varasidhi Vinayaka Temple is just 67.2 km away from Tirupati. Temple was constructed around the 11th century and expanded by the Vijayanagara Dynasty.

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www.brundhahomestay.com Sri Puram: You can reach Sripuram from Tirupati by 3 hours that is 120 km from Tirupati.

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www.brundhahomestay.com Conclusion: Come enjoy with your family by staying in Brundha Homestay the Best Homestay in Tirupati. It also offers Best Services.  They offer everything at affordable prices. Their services are with us from check in to check out time.

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