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Considering Cruise Deals - 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Your First Cruise


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Considering Cruise Deals - 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Your First Cruise If you’ve never been on a cruise Kimberley cruise deals can be both exciting and a little daunting. While you may be excited to get a great deal and explore this fantastic area you may be a bit unsure about what to expect. So here we’ll explore five things you shouldn’t do on your first cruise so you can feel confident to book those cruise deals. Choosing the Wrong Cruise When looking at cruises Kimberley specials can be a very exciting prospect. However before you get too carried away you need to ensure that it is the right cruise for you. There are packages to suit all preferences and you need to look at cruise deals that suit your personality. For example if you want to enjoy relaxing soaking up the sun and visiting some sedate swimming holes an adventure cruise is likely to be the wrong cruise for you. Picking the Wrong Companion While taking a holiday can put a strain on some friendships it can be a disaster on a cruise. Your misfit anti social and almost alcoholic pal may be a great companion on a bucks night but is not likely to be a great cruise companion. Likewise if you want to explore the region fully sharing a cabin with someone who just wants to sun themselves on deck or relax in the cabin will be a strain. Taking Packing Lightly If you’re a last minute packer you may need to take a little time to consider what you actually need on your cruise. When you’re cruising the Kimberleys you may not be able to stop and shop for any items you forgot to pack. Of course most cruise deals are very informal so you can plan for lounging in swimmers. However if you want to explore the area you’ll need decent footwear cover up items and changes of clothing. Don’t make the mistake of packing too lightly for your cruise and do a little research to ensure you have everything you’ll need.

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Hitting the Alcohol Too Hard While you may want to relax and a drink or two can help with this hitting the booze too hard can be detrimental. You’ll regret the night before if you have a terrible hangover and miss out on a shore trip. Additionally if you drink too much the hot Kimberley sun is likely to have an even bigger impact. So make sure you have plenty of water on hand to stay fully hydrated. Forgetting to Save Some Room for Souvenirs Most Kimberley cruise deals will feature some shopping opportunities in the itinerary. So you’ll need to make sure that you save some room in your luggage for mementos and souvenirs. It is a good idea to have a collapsible bag tucked in your luggage so you don’t risk a bust zip when you go a little crazy in the shops. If you’re thinking about cruise deals you should speak to us. We can provide access to some fantastic Kimberley cruise deals and you’ll find the Broome Kimberley team ready to answer any queries you may have about cruises Kimberley specials and packages to help you plan your ideal break. Tags: cruises kimberley special cruise deals kimberley cruise deals a href""

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