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Question No 1: A sensor reads potentially critical data from an industrial device but most of the data from the sensor is not critical information and does not change unless a critical event happens. Which data work flow is appropriate for how the critical and non-critical data is processed A. 1. Acquire sensor data. 2.Filter non-actionable data. 3.Perform action on data. 4.Send critical data and action performed on data to cloud for storing. B. 1. Acquire sensor data. 2.Send data to cloud for processing and to determine action. 3.Send required action back to edge for action completion. 4.Perform action on data. C. 1. Acquire sensor data. 2.Filter non-actionable data. 3.Perform action on data. D. 1. Acquire sensor data. 2. Perform action on data. 3. Send data and action performed on data to cloud for recording. Answer: D https://www.exams4sure.com/Cisco/300-915-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question No 2: A customer is deploying sensors with Cisco IR829 routers in moving trucks to continuously monitor the health of engines using a cloud application. Which data extraction and processing strategy is best suited in this environment A. No need to store data locally upload in real time to the cloud for processing. B. Generate local alerts and create reports at the edge and upload to the cloud at the end of the day. C. Use the store and forward mechanism to upload the information at the earliest to cloud. D. Ensure that data is stored for a longer duration locally and upload to the cloud every week. Answer: B https://www.exams4sure.com/Cisco/300-915-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question No 3: https://www.exams4sure.com/Cisco/300-915-practice-exam-dumps.html Which lightweight protocol is used to send data from the edge compute resources to the cloud A. MQTT B. XMPP C. AMQP D. MT Connect Answer: A

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Question No 4 An IoT engineer is responsible for security at an organization. Humans and machines need to be allowed to access services like database or compute on AWS. The engineer decides to implement dynamic secrets. Which method helps to get this implementation accurate from a security point of view A. Create a central secret system for humans and machine to obtain very short-lived dynamic secrets to access any service. B. Humans cannot be trusted and each time they authenticate they should be issued with dynamic secrets. Machines can be trusted and they can be issued with static credentials. C. Maintain a different service associated to secret systems to issue access. D. After a user is authenticated by any trusted system the user can be trusted to use any service. Answer: A https://www.exams4sure.com/Cisco/300-915-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question No 5 Mosquitto was installed correctly on the Cisco IR829 router as a Cisco IOx application. When the sensor is connected to the broker on the Cisco IR829 router with the default port the connection is refused Error Code 5. Which action should be done to resolve the issue A. Insert in the IOS config: ip nat inside source static tcp CAF IP 1883 interface GigabitEthernet0 1883 B. Insert in the package_config.ini file under section ports: tcp: "8883" C. Use the correct username and password. D. Insert in the package.yaml file under section ports: tcp: "1883" Answer: C https://www.exams4sure.com/Cisco/300-915-practice-exam-dumps.html

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