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Question No 1: One of Cisco Nexus Series interfaces has become errdisabled with the error message “DCX-No ACK in 100 PDUs”. What is the cause of this error A. The host has not responded to the Control Sub-TLV DCBX exchanges of the switch. B. The acknowledgement number in the server response has not incremented for 100 exchanges. C. Cisco Discovery Protocol is disabled on the switch. D. LLDP is disabled on the switch. Answer: B https://www.exams4sure.com/Cisco/300-615-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question No 2: An engineer is troubleshooting a failed DCBX exchange between a server and a Cisco Nexus switch. Which action allows DCBX to successfully negotiate A. Enable ETS B. Enable PFC. C. Enable Cisco Discovery Protocol. D. Enable LLDP . Answer: D https://www.exams4sure.com/Cisco/300-615-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question No 3: https://www.exams4sure.com/Cisco/300-615-practice-exam-dumps.html An engineer must replace a failed memory on a Cisco UCS B- Series Blade Server. After the replacement was done the server has a “resolve slot” warning. Which server maintenance action resolves the issue A. Perform diagnostic interrupt on the server. B. Re-acknowlegement the server. C. Reset the server. D. Decomission the server. Answer: B

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Question No 4 An engineer is troubleshooting a fabric discovery failure. Which two requirements must an engineer verify about switch connectivity to solve the problem Choose two. A. A Cisco APIC must be attached to a spine node only. B. A Cisco APIC must be attached to leaf nodes. C. Spine nodes must connect to other spine nodes. D. A Cisco APIC must be dual-attached to two separate spine nodes. E. Leaf nodes must connect to spine nodes only. Answer: B E https://www.exams4sure.com/Cisco/300-615-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question No 5 A network administrator attempts to install an application in the Cisco NX-OS Guest shell and receives an error that there is not enough space on the disk. Which command must the administrator run to increase the disk space available in the Guest shell A. guestshell growdisk rootfs size-in-MB B. guestshell pvextend rootfs size-in-MB C. guestshell resize rootfs size-in-MB D. guestshell resize2fs rootfs size-in-MB Answer: C https://www.exams4sure.com/Cisco/300-615-practice-exam-dumps.html

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