Brodie Johnson of Merrill Lynch How to Save More Money

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B r o d i e J o h n s o n o f M e r r i l l L y n c h H O W T O S A V E M O R E M O N E Y

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Brodie Johnson worked at Merrill Lynch as the Head of Residual Trading before entering semi- retirement. With decades of experience in the financial sector he has found a way to continue enjoying his passion for business management during retirement. Source:

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During his semi-retirement  Brodie Johnson of Merrill Lynch has focused his time and energy into helping his clients manage their wealth. Here are some tips he has to help you save more money. Source:

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Set up monthly financial goals and ask yourself if the goal will have a lasting effect on your life. Source:

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Establish a monthly budget and always stick to it. Source:

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Cut costs by identifying which purchases you can avoid every month. Source:

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Automate your savings by setting up automatic transfers to your savings account. Source:

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Plan out major expenses like vacations and holiday spending. Source:

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Saving more money doesn’t have to be complicated. For more information on Brodie Johnson after retiring from Merrill Lynch head to his website Source:

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