Brodie Johnson of Merrill Lynch: Tips for Investing


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Brodie Johnson worked at Merrill Lynch before semi-retiring to spend more time skiing, reading, traveling and listening to music.


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Brodie Johnson of Merrill Lynch T I P S F O R   I N V E S T I N G

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Brodie Johnson  spent more than three decades as an investment banking professional. His latest position was as the Head of Residual Trading at Merrill Lynch. His long career and experience in the financial sector have helped him develop a successful investment portfolio in his semi-retirement. Here are his personal tips for investing.

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Invest in Yourself First

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The best investment that anyone can make is in their own abilities. You should do whatever you can to develop your own skills or business. Investing in yourself is paramount to doing great things and goes beyond merely investing.

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Make Investments You Understand

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You should never invest in a business that you don’t understand fully. You have to know how a company makes money and the primary drivers that impact the industry.

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Brodie Johnson spent years working at Merrill Lynch. To see what he’s been up to since entering semi- retirement you can visit his website: Source: johnson-of-merrill-lynch-tips-for-investing/

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