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Security Innovation Brodie Johnson Merrill Lynch

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Brodie Johnson Merrill Lynch Credited as the Professional Brodie Johnson formerly of Merrill Lynch and semi- retired is often credited as the professional responsible for the Reverse REMIC.

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According to Brodie Johnson innovative security is: “a technique in which the holder of Collateralized Mortgage Obligations can exchange certain CMO classes for a Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae Mortgage-backed Security which is eligible for delivery into the To-Be- Announced TBA Market.”

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Brodie Johnson Recognizes The TBA Market The TBA Market as Brodie Johnson recognizes has developed into one of the most active on the globe the market allows investors to complete trades with mortgage-backed securities well before such bonds are actually delivered. The technique developed by Johnson was instrumental in returning liquidity to the then- struggling CMO market not long after the 2008 financial crisis.

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Brodie Johnson Head of Residual Trading at Merrill Lynch As Head of Residual Trading at Merrill Lynch Brodie Johnson achieved an impressive 150 million plus in profit as he implemented strategies which utilized REMIC residuals. Currently Johnson is actively engaged in several consulting and investment opportunities.

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