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Creating a Touring Strategy – A real boost to a Club. : 

Creating a Touring Strategy – A real boost to a Club. Terry Flanagan and Paddy Kirwan


Background We started out ‘touring life’ at the age of 11 in 1971 when Oldham schools established an exchange programme with Catalan schools Between us we have organised many trips, tours etc and firmly ‘buy into’ – ITS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS! Both coached and managed junior teams through out boys ‘junior years’ and in 2004 felt a tour could provide a boost to our club, Saddleworth Rangers. THIS PROVED TO BE A TURNING POINT IN CLUB HISTORY

Situations in 2004: 

Situations in 2004 Open age struggling after years at the top of amateur rugby, ‘winning trebles’ etc. Vibrant youth section a little ‘detached’ from open age doing great work, loads of teams etc. A crop of top U18’s who together could form the backbone of an open age team for years to come. Between us a network of ‘friends’ who we felt could leverage to raise the funds to do something special.

Tour to Western Australia- 2005 (under 18’s): 

Tour to Western Australia- 2005 (under 18’s) We chose Perth because: -In Australia but a development area. -Direct flights from Manchester via Dubai at reasonable prices. -A number of contacts down there to help. Two week stay, 3 matches (won 2, lost 1), brilliant time, got a great welcome. Ensured we paid our way so not to ‘store up a problem/commitment later’ Hoped the tour would ‘cement’ lads to the club.



Training and Discipline: 

Training and Discipline

Team Spirit: 

Team Spirit



Have Fun: 

Have Fun

Reward Success: 

Reward Success

Fund Raising: 

Fund Raising Four Big Events Minimise effort and resources required Different Targets for Funding Tour Brochure Business in the Community Pull on wide range of Business Contacts Utilised history of the club Large Return but biggest effort Sportsman’s Dinner Friends of the Club Normal Business Capitalised on extra interest generated


Feedback Media Local Newspaper Local Radio Sponsors Family Specialist Call Line Post match interviews / reports

Fund Raising: 

Fund Raising Golf Tournament Local Business contacts with common interest in Rugby League and Golf Friends of the Club Collaboration with local golf Sponsored Run Players, Friends and family

Tours to France – 2007 (under 16’s and 15’s): 

Tours to France – 2007 (under 16’s and 15’s) The 2005 tour inspired our youth section We shared learning’s and they duly organised 2 trips earlier this year – huge success. Doing two was probably a stretch. Created massive impact just like 2005 did.

Key Success Factors: 

Key Success Factors Commitment from leaders and players/parents Ability to fund raise – alternative ‘pitch’ to sponsors. Ensure receiving ‘body in tune’ with tour goals. Support from RFL etc – you need approvals and demonstrate ability. Selecting something that is ‘do-able’ – perhaps try an easy one to start.

Benefits – Too Many to Mention?: 

Benefits – Too Many to Mention? Community rallies around and can’t wait to see the outcome. Players receive a great experience and boost. Team has a sense of purpose- not everyone can win trophies. Club atmosphere and cohesion improves – people ‘pull together’. Improved performance on the field Sponsors and supporters a new lease of life. Used as a catalyst to re-energise your club? ITS HARD TO FIND A NEGATIVE

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