Contents of a Leadership Training Program

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Contents of a Leadership Training Program


Leadership Definition The definition and basic concept of leadership is one part of a leadership training program. In this section, participants should learn what leadership is, what traits make a good leader and what leadership styles exist. Along those lines, this section may be an appropriate place to include a leadership self-assessment, so that participants begin to form an understanding of their own leadership styles. This part of the program may also include team leadership and may introduce participants to conflict management within the team environment. A leadership training program may have several components in various orders. However, there are a few topics that are basic parts of any leadership training program. The program may approach the topics differently and use different methods of instruction and practice, but the knowledge base will most likely be the same.


Delegation Delegation is another aspect of a leadership training program. In this component, participants should learn how to delegate as a leader and understand how to trust that delegated tasks will be completed. This part of the training may also introduce participants to a procedure for delegation that can be used every day. Influence The ability to influence others is an important leadership trait. Your leadership development program should have content devoted to defining influence as well as determining a leader's "zones" of influence. This part of the program should provide useful information on influence, such as procedures or "tactics" that may be helpful for the leader in any situation.


Management The difference between leadership and management can also be part of a leadership development program. In this segment, participants should understand basic organization structures as well as the typical roles a manager must fill. In addition, the content should cover key topics in management, such as how to administer authority, how to remain supportive, and how to accurately structure employee work. Communication Communication should also be a component of your leadership training program. This portion of the training can be devoted to teaching the concepts of communication, including listening and motivation. The participant should finish this section with a firm understanding of the importance that his or her communication will play in gathering and maintaining followers. Article Source: Image Source: /

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