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E-sponsibility By Brittany Averill

Whatis E-sponsibility?:

Whatis E-sponsibility? Being responsible when online The Internet’s impact on professionalism Intersection of personal and professional life

Slide 3:

Many teachers use social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+ Dating sites such as eHarmony

Consequences of Social Media Use:

Consequences of Social Media Use Mix personal life with professional life Risk being fired or suspended Cannot control what is being posted by others No clear code of conduct

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In the past 6 months, 3 teachers have been fired for having inappropriate conversations with students via Internet

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By avoiding social media sites, teachers may:

Other Harms Posed by the Internet:

Other Harms Posed by the Internet

Teacher Offenses:

Teacher Offenses Teacher Made Fun of a Student’s Hair by Posting Picture on Facebook Seven-year-old came to school wearing Jolly Rancher candies in her braids Student’s mother intends to file a lawsuit against Chicago Public Schools

Teacher Offenses continued…:

Teacher Offenses continued… Teacher Ashley Payne Lost Her Job After Posting Pictures with Alcohol Resigned after being threatened with suspension due to her vacation pictures A parent saw the pictures and complained to the superintendent

The Debate Surrounding Social Media:

The Debate Surrounding Social Media Issues with the First Amendment NCATE requires professional ethics to be considered

Be a Role Model:

Be a Role Model Students idolize their teachers Act in a way you wish to see reflected by students Represent yourself well not only for others, but for yourself

Create Guidelines for Yourself:

Create Guidelines for Yourself Eliminate “what if…” situations Act uniformly in all situations regarding social media sites

A Quick Refresher:

A Quick Refresher Teachers must maintain professionalism online There are consequences for irresponsibility Respect your students and yourself online


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