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E-sponsibility By Brittany Averill

What is E-sponsibility?:

What is E-sponsibility? Being responsible when online The Internet’s impact on professionalism Intersection of personal and professional life

PowerPoint Presentation:

Many teachers use social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+ Dating sites such as eHarmony

Consequences of Social Media Use:

Consequences of Social Media Use Mix personal life with professional life Risk being fired or suspended Cannot control what is being posted by others No clear code of conduct

PowerPoint Presentation:

In the past 6 months, 3 teachers have been fired for having inappropriate conversations with students via Internet

PowerPoint Presentation:

By avoiding social media sites, teachers may:

Other Harms Posed by the Internet:

Other Harms Posed by the Internet

Teacher Offenses:

Teacher Offenses Teacher Made Fun of a Student’s Hair by Posting Picture on Facebook Seven-year-old came to school wearing Jolly Rancher candies in her braids Student’s mother intends to file a lawsuit against Chicago Public Schools

Teacher Offenses continued…:

Teacher Offenses continued… Teacher Ashley Payne Lost Her Job After Posting Pictures with Alcohol Resigned after being threatened with suspension due to her vacation pictures A parent saw the pictures and complained to the superintendent

The Debate Surrounding Social Media:

The Debate Surrounding Social Media Issues with the First Amendment NCATE requires professional ethics to be considered

Be a Role Model:

Be a Role Model Students idolize their teachers Act in a way you wish to see reflected by students Represent yourself well not only for others, but for yourself

Create Guidelines for Yourself:

Create Guidelines for Yourself Eliminate “what if…” situations Act uniformly in all situations regarding social media sites

A Quick Refresher:

A Quick Refresher Teachers must maintain professionalism online There are consequences for irresponsibility Respect your students and yourself online


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