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The smart board : 

The smart board By: Brittany Lindsey EDCO 549

Description : 

Description Interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input Includes: interactive whiteboard, a computer, a projector, and white board software called Smart Notebook A projector is used to display a computer’s video output on the board that is shown to the audience Typically comes with 4 digital pens, which uses digital ink, but can be replaced with whiteboard markers

How it is useful : 

How it is useful Allows for children to be involved and engaged in the lesson being discussed Educators bring the resources available from the internet to the classroom Faculty is allowed to share information that can be directly accessed through user folders Students are excited to interact with the smart board and the information being presented

Best used for… : 

Best used for… Beginning uses of smart boards are best for children in or over the elementary age They can be used through the graduate level Adults can use these for presentations, conferences, etc. Once trained, it can be used in any setting Educational Setting Professional Setting

Major Contributions : 

Major Contributions Innovative way to improve learning results New way for students and teachers to collaborate with themselves and other educational establishments Opportunities for interactive lessons are endless Enables multiple users to work on the same surface at any time Brings an immeasurable amount of resources into the classroom immediately Can be used in all learning environments, from students to the work field

Future Implications : 

Future Implications The possibilities are nearly endless when working with the Smart Board in educational settings Educators will have to closely monitor what this technology is being used for and the type of exposure their students are receiving Over time they will become less expensive and will be able to be implemented into more classrooms

Uses for Counselors : 

Uses for Counselors Any time there is a parent meeting, conference, seminar, etc. this would be a very useful tool in bringing the most updated information to any parent population When meeting with a large group of students this can be useful in the sharing and organization of differing feelings and emotions By being familiar with the Smart Board counselors will stay in the loop on the latest technologies being used in the classroom

Different Uses, examples,Interactions, etc. : 

Different Uses, examples,Interactions, etc.

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