South Atlantic

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South Atlantic :

South Atlantic Merily Puusta Mari- Liis Belials 11.A

Geographic Location:

Geographic Location


States •Delaware •Maryland •District of Columbia •Virginia •West Virginia •North Carolina •South Carolina •Georgia •Florida


Delaware Capital Dover Largest city Wilmington Population 917 092 The First State(1787) Festivals

Winterthur Gardens and Museum:

Winterthur Gardens and Museum


Florida Capital Tallahassee Largest city Jacksonville Population 19,3 million Kennedy Space Center Miami Beach, Palm Beach St. Augustine City of Orlando

Theme parks in Orlando:

Theme parks in Orlando Walt Disney World Resort Universal Orlando Resort


Georgia Capital Atlanta Population 9,9 million Savannah Historic District Stone Mountain Zoo Atlanta 48 television broadcast stations

Savannah Historic District:

Savannah Historic District


Maryland Capital Annapolis Largest city Baltimore Population 5 million First railroad station King William's School 1696 Eastern Shore Chesapeake Bay

Baltimore Harbor:

Baltimore Harbor

North Carolina:

North Carolina Capital Raleigh Largest City Charlotte Population 9,7 million James Knox Polk, Andrew Johnson The University of North Carolina

Mount Michell:

Mount Michell

Biltmore Estate:

Biltmore Estate

South Carolina:

South Carolina Capital Columbia Population 4,7 million Congaree National Park

Campell´s Covered Bridge:

Campell´s Covered Bridge


Virginia Capital Richmond Largest city Virginia Beach Population 8,2 million George Washington, Thomas Jefferson The Pentagon

Blue Ridge Mountains:

Blue Ridge Mountains

West Virginia:

West Virginia Capital Charleston Population 1,8 million Green Bank Telescope

New River Gorge Bridge:

New River Gorge Bridge

District of Columbia(Washington D.C.):

District of Columbia(Washington D.C.) Constitution of The United States Population 632 323

Washington Monument:

Washington Monument

Georgetown University:

Georgetown University

Thank you for listening!:

Thank you for listening!

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