Modern Britain

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Modern Britain :

Modern Britain Joonas Tomingas Kairin Reiman

Modern Britain:

Modern Britain The Troubles The Good Friday Agreement General 1980s Princess Diana 21st century The Royal Family

The Troubles:

The Troubles Began in late 1960s Ended in 1998 Northern Ireland Violence Riots

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The Troubles is the rather innocuous-sounding phrase used to describe the internal conflict that continued in Northern ireland long after the Republic had been established. I’m guessing they went with the Troubles because it sounds infinitely more poetic that „The bloodbath“ ... Or „the 40 years we spent throwing molotov cocktails at our neighbors“ (all of which would have been a bit more accurate.

The Good Friday Agreement:

The Good Friday Agreement The agreement ended The Trouble period 1998, 10 April, Belfast The Agreement acknowledged: 1) the majority of the people of Northern Ireland wishes to remain a part of the UK 2) if majority of both parts of Irelands do not want to be under the UK then the governments must implement that choice

General 1980s:

General 1980s 1981 Prince Charles married Lady Diana, 2 sons 1983 Front seat belts were made compulsory 1985 Windows program invented by Microsoft 1986 Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson Fashion and music were strongly influenced Music styles – Hip Hop, Rap

Death of Pirncess Diana:

Death of Pirncess Diana Princess of Wales First wife of Prince Charles 31.08.1997 – car accident in Paris

21st century:

21st century Labor party 1997-2010 – Tony Blair, Gordon Brown (2007-2010) War in Afganistan and Iraq 7.07.2005 – series of four suicide bombings in London 2008 – economic crisis 2010 David Cameron – first hung parliament since 1974 2011 – england riots 2012 – The Olympic Games

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The Royal Family:

The Royal Family Elisabeth II – 1953-present 2011 – the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middelton 2011 – gender equality in British Royal succession

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