Modern Britain 1945-1973

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Modern Britain 1945-1973:

Modern Britain 1945-1973 Mariann Võhmar, Jaanika Juntson


1945 World War II Lost of colonies United Kingdom general election Labour party

Clement Attlee:

Clement Attlee Prime minister 1945-1951 NATO (1949) Free healthcare

The Cold War:

The Cold War The Western Block The Eastern Block Military and political tention The Suez Crisis Korean War and Britain’s status

General election 1951:

General election 1951 First election 1950 Labour party wins again New election The Conservatives win Winston Churchill

King George VI:

King George VI The House of Windsor Ruled from 1936 until 1952 Lung operation Buried in Windsor Trusted by people

Queen Elizabeth II:

Queen Elizabeth II The oldest daughter Became queen at the age of 25 Coronation- Westminster Abbey, 1953 Prince Philip 4 children


1955 Churchill resigned Anthony Eden Conservative Party- 1964


1964 Labour Party won Winston Churchill retired Death penalty abolished




BRITISH INVASION 1960’s Rock-and-roll groups and British fashion The Beatles- 1960 Hundreds of books 1-billion worldwide Stadium concerts

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Moody Blues Rock and classical music Concept albums On the Billboard for two years The Doors, The Who, The Zombies Rolling Stones


Fashion Short haircuts Mini skirts First supermodel- Twiggy

Interesting to know:

Interesting to know Toddlers’ Truce- no television between 6PM and 7PM First Hard Rock Cafe- 1971 Bond movies

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First shipment of bananas after war- 1945 Railway industry- 1948 First Miss World pageant Zebra crossing- 1951 Doctor Who- 1963

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