USA 2001-present

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USA 2001-present:

USA 2001-present Simmo Saan & Kristjan Vedler

September 11 attacks:

September 11 attacks 8:46am WTC North Tower 9:03am WTC South Tower 9:37am Pentagon 10:03am 4 th plane crashed 2996 dead, ~6000 injured al-Qaeda

Results of 9/11:

Results of 9/11 War on Terror Department of Homeland Security USA PATRIOT Act

War in Afghanistan:

War in Afghanistan 2001-present Taliban, al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden killed in 2011 2000 US casualties

Second Iraq War:

Second Iraq War 2003-2011 Saddam Hussein Sentenced to death in 2006 4500 US casualties $845 billion

School shootings:

School shootings Red Lake High School (2005) Nickel Mines Amish School (2006) Virginia Tech (2007) Northern Illinois University (2008) Sandy Hook Elementary School (2012)

Hurricane Katrina:

Hurricane Katrina 2005 Category 5 $108 billion in damage Flooding


Presidents George W. Bush 2001-2009 $1.3 trillion tax cut No Child Left Behind Barack Obama 2009-present Health care reform Gun control

9/11 footage: 9/11 footage

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