The Stuarts

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The Stuarts Villem and Georg:

The Stuarts Villem and Georg

Queen died:

Queen died Elizabeth I died James IV of Scotland and James I of England Reign 24 July 1567 (24 March 1603) – 27 March 1625

New flag:

New flag + =

People liked the man:

People liked the man Gunpowder plot failed Peace „Golden Age“ continued New flag Low taxes Protestant Good managment of Scotland Bible

Unruly son:

Unruly son Charles I Dissolves Parliament More tax Troubles in Scotland Resistance Long Parliament Too much civil war No head 1625 to 1649

Crafty Cromwell:

Crafty Cromwell Dictator Too strict No fun War in Ireland, kills too much People don’t like him Simple son New king Double-killed 1649 - 1660

King is back:

King is back Charles II Loves Catholicism Great Plague and Fire Conflicts with Parliament War with the Dutch Ally with the French No legitimate heir Brother succeeds 1660 - 1685

Catholic brother:

Catholic brother James II King is still catholic Rebellions Standing army Too much catholic Successor catholic? Brits don’t like French Rejected Glorious Revolution 1685 - 1688

King of Orange and his queen:

King of Orange and his queen William III and Mary II Bill of Rights Wars in Europe Powerful Parliament Anglican strenght Queen dies William III alone Queen Anne 1689 - 1702

Last Stuart queen, Anne:

Last Stuart queen, Anne Act of Settlement Act of Union Great Britain Two-party politics War of the Spanish Succesion Bad health and stillborns George dies House of Hanover 1702 - 1707

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