Medieval Britain

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Medieval Britain 1066-1485:

Medieval Britain 1066-1485 Kristin Laupa

The beginning and the end:

The beginning and the end 1066 – Norman invasion and the Battle of Hastings 1485 – Battle of Bosworth Field

Ruling the country:

Ruling the country 3 dynasties Killing in order to get the throne Siblings

The Dynasties:

The Dynasties The N orman dynasty William the Conqueror King Henry I The Angevin dynasty King Richard I Kind Edward III The Lancaster and York Kings of England King Henry V King Richard III

Norman legacy:

Norman legacy Feudalism Christian churches 1000 castles Tower of London 1067 10000 new words

Importance of the era:

Importance of the era 1086 – Doomsday book 1167 – Oxford University 1209 – Cambridge University 1215 – Magna Carta 1348 – Plague

How to die? :

How to die? EXTREMELY VIOLENT Many wars and disasters Various deaths

Wars and battles:

Wars and battles Crusades The Hundred Year War The War of the Roses Civil wars Conquering Wales Invading Scotland Peasants' Revolt

More ways to die:

More ways to die The Black Death Floods Hunger Torturing Ripping out teeth/nails Boiling

Life as a peasant:

Life as a peasant Day started at 3 am Finished at dusk Working in the fields Sowing Ploughing Haymaking No work on Sundays

Life as a peasant woman:

Life as a peasant woman Day started at 3 am, f inished at dusk Cooking Mending clothes Picking berries, herbs Medicine

Life as a knight:

Life as a knight Day started at dawn Mass Mid morning, evening, bedtime prayers Weapons practice Discussions on warfare strategy Accompanying their lord during hunts

Life as a noble lord:

Life as a noble lord Day starts at dawn Praying Political discussions, decisions Weapons practice Hunting Entertainment


Entertainment Holidays – Christmas, Easter, May Day Jesters, troubadours Games Chess Alquerques Archery Wrestling Jousting

Eating habits:

Eating habits 2 meals Dinner at midday Lighter supper in the evening Breakfast is for losers! Everyone dines together! Spoon or hand

What to eat?:

What to eat? Alcoholic beverages Beer Cabbage, onion, beet, garlic, carrot No milk Meat Also hedgehog Birds

What to wear?:

What to wear? Dictated by the Pyramid of Power Head-dress worn conveys the rank Only the wealthy were fashionable

Famous people:

Famous people Dante Poet and Politician Joan of Arc Rousing the French against the English during the Hundred Years War Johann Gutenberg The inventor of the art of printing with movable types

To finish …:

To finish … Complicated and violent Many inventions Many cultural developments

Thank you!:

Thank you!

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