The Vietnam Period (Triinu Jõgeda)

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Vietnam period 1960-1980:

Vietnam period 1960-1980 Triinu Jõgeda 2012

Reason for the Vietnam war:

Reason for the V ietnam war The Cold War John F. Kennedy (1961) Stop communism from expanding


1954 Vietnam is divided in two: NORTH VIETNAM (Soviet Union, China) SOUTH VIETNAM (USA) Saigon: anti-communism, but dictatorship remains


1957 Viet Cong started war in South Vietnam Support from the North Vietnamese government (Ho Chi Minh)


1964 USA joins in war 2, 709, 918 Americans served in Vietnam An extremely bloody war – Song My village


1968 USA: War should be ended President Richard Nixon Negotiations for peace South Vietnamese forces would replace American forces Help from USA


1973 Paris Peace Accords Americans leave Vietnam

…civil war continues:

…civil war continues Saigon defeated in 1975 Communism expanded throughout Vietnam South and North Vietnam were joined


Consequences Over 58,000 Americans died Over 150,000 wounded in battle $150 Billion dollars spent

USA during 1960-1980:

USA during 1960-1980 Martin Luther King “I have a dream”

Thank you for your attention!:

Thank you for your attention!

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