WW I, Prosperity and the Great Depression (Ingrid Annilo)

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World War I, Prosperity, The Great Depression:

World War I, Prosperity, The Great Depression 1914-1933 Ingrid Annilo 11e

The world goes to war:

The world goes to war W. Wilson elected in 1913 Neutrality, supplier to Allies RMS Lusitania or the Zimmerman Telegram Entry of USA

The Great War:

The Great War By 1918 ten thousand soldiers per day German miscalculation Patriotism Armistice Day

The roaring Twenties:

The roaring Twenties 19th Amendment and flappers Technology and Lindbergh (1927)

the flaming youth:

the flaming youth “talkie movies” Radio in 1920

The downfall:

The downfall H. Hoover elected president Stocks More sellers lower prices October 29, 1929 banks, overproduction *Dow Jones is the stock market index projectsmrj.pbworks.com

The Great Depression:

The Great Depression

The Great Depression:

The Great Depression The installment plan Worldwide Private charity Hoover Dam Nearly 15 million unemployed Potato sack clothes

The USI?:

The USI?

The Irony:

The Irony

Life Goes On:

Life Goes On The Dust Bowl (1931-1937) Superman Roosevelt is elected Amelia Earhart flies across the Atlantic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaaHR-yQvCw

Thank you for listening!:

Thank you for listening!

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