What Are The Salient Features Of Merlin Garage Doors

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What Are The Salient Features Of Merlin Garage Doors If you are worried about the safety of your vehicles then you should need to choose the best in class garage door which can ensure utmost protection for your car and also give you the convenience to operate it smoothly. You can fnd so many types of garage doors available in the market but it is essential for you to go through the features or characteristics of them before choosing a suitable one to cater your specifc needs. If you are looking for robust safety and automatic opening and the closing system then you can go for Merlin garage door Brisbane which can fulfll your various requirements. It is the automatic garage door and preferred by most of the homeowners in Brisbane and surrounding areas. It is equipped with so many salient features which are as follow. Automatic door opening/closing These garage doors are equipped with the automatic door opening and closing technology and capable of providing maximum safety to vehicles. A Merlin garage door Brisbane is ftted with chamberlain soft open/close technology which was designed to ensure smooth and quiet opening and closing of the garage door. So when you open your garage door then it will not make any noise like traditional garage doors. Automatic power sensing The Merlin garage doors are equipped with electronic power sensing which enables the garage door opener to monitor and adjust the force required for the opening and closing of your garage door. Such feature of these garage doors also makes them energy efcient garage doors. Remote and manual handling By installing the Merlin garage door remote Brisbane you will get opening and closing access through a remote controller. You can also use your mobile phone for performing opening and closing function and if you forget to close your door then you can even close it through your mobile app easily. In the case of power failure you can also operate the garage door manually with a handle. For using the manual handle for opening and closing you do not have to use extra physical strength because you can rotate the handle very smoothly to complete the function and after power re-storing you can again engage the automatic garage opener.

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Automatic safety reverse The Merlin garage door remote Brisbane is also equipped with electronic safety reverse feature which enables it to reverse automatically if it is blocked going down due to any equipment or vehicle like bicycle etc. It can also stop and lock at any height for ventilation. Lighting The garage door opener is also equipped with LED lights inside which can automatically switch on and of during the opening and closing function. It also featured low standby energy usage and ensured low electricity consumption thus it can also reduce your energy bills signifcantly. So based on these features you can choose to install the Merlin garage door for your car garage to get the guarantee for security and to get smooth opening and closing functioning of the door without any technical issue.

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