Maintaining An Effective Supply Chain Risk Management


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This PPT presentation is about maintaining an effective supply chain management and warehousing. The presentation was arranged by BR International Supply Chain Logistics and Warehousing.


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Maintaining An Effective Supply Chain Risk Management:

Maintaining An Effective Supply Chain Risk Management Arranged By BR International Value Added Warehousing


Effective pest management incorporates pest awareness education as part of its strategy to sustain a business food safety and assurance process.

Consequences to Supply Chain:

Consequences to Supply Chain Pest presence in the manufacturing plant Has the potential to contaminate raw materials in the production area Cross contamination can also occur along production line Pest droppings may also accelerate the deterioration of building’s exterior Risk of transferring pest to retailer’s premises while transporting goods Sighting of pest can negatively impact customers impression Consumer can suffer risk of infection due to possible food contamination with pathogens End result: Damage to brand and reputation through loss of trust

Total Hygiene Awareness TALK AS Integrated Pest Management:

Total Hygiene Awareness TALK AS Integrated Pest Management A successful programme incorporates the practice of good personal hygiene among employees in their daily routine, helping business to thrive in the long run Health Impact – Prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs Food Safety – avoid cross contamination especially for business in the food industry Improve Working/Living Conditions – Instill better personal hygiene behavior among employees Minimise Pest Risk Within Premises – Employees with pest knowledge proactively identifies pest presence to maintain good housekeeping

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