Delightful Charcoal Toothpaste: What Dentist Lithia Says?

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Delightful Charcoal Toothpaste: What Dentist Lithia Says? :

Delightful Charcoal Toothpaste: What Dentist Lithia Says? In face and body scrubs, face washes, face masks, now in toothpaste, Charcoal is ruling over the beauty industry. From last few years, it has become a hot ingredient due to its detoxifying properties. It has also been observed in recent research that consuming charcoal can eliminate the toxic effects of the poison. Charcoal has also been used in filtering water, scrub surfaces etc. In the 1900s, Charcoal was in trending, so we can say that there is a rebirth of Charcoal in the beauty world and now it isn’t going anywhere.

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As per statement above that charcoal was in trending in ancient times, even these days people are satisfied with the usage of charcoal in their households. Using charcoal powder as toothpaste has been reviewed to give positive results. However it has not been specified that how much time it takes to give results. Since charcoal has bleaching properties, therefore it helps in getting rid of discoloration of teeth and remove stains and bacteria from the mouth.

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Now let’s see what our Brandon Dentist says. As per Lithia Dentist , making use of charcoal or overdose of charcoal can be risky sometimes. This might be shocking and dreadful, but yes, after a lot of study and research, it has been detected that using charcoal as toothpaste can lead to some biggest worries. Using charcoal on regular basis can damage tooth enamel and gum tissues. It can also lead to short to long term effects of damage. In addition to that, charcoal cannot be used in the place of regular toothpaste as it doesn’t include the important ingredient of fluoride that helps in fighting dental damage. For white and bright teeth, Dentist Brandon advices to avoid staining foods like tea, coffee, wine etc. And to use usual toothpaste with regular flossing. She also recommends visiting the dentist once in 3-4 months for better results.

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