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Payton Carol Thomas :

Payton Carol Thomas To our Daughter, Granddaughter, Great-Granddaughter, Neice ,Cousin and friend. You have filled our life with so much joy and given us so many memories in a years time. Happy 1 st Birthday pretty girl!

Mama before she was mommyyyyy….:

Mama before she was mommyyyyy …. Italy 2007 Mommy & Kim 18 th Birthday w/ Nana Aunt Becca and Mama Aunt Keke and Mama Fort Lonesome Days. Durant Class of 09’

Daddy before he was mine and mommy’s:

Daddy before he was mine and mommy’s Daddy and his 1 st baby. Daddy says watch this! Your Silly DADDY! Daddy and Pa. Daddy and Uncle Mike

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Love is the chain whereby to bind a child to its parents. -Abraham Lincoln

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Mommy had plenty of practice and preparation with all your cousins and girlfriends running around.

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Mother’s Day 2010. We are two months away from meeting you! Mommy and Casey taking a break after working cows! Nine Months!!!

You are loved by many……….:

You are loved by many……….

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Your baby shower one week before your arrival....

Night before Pay-Pay Arrived!:

Night before Pay-Pay Arrived!

on your way……..:

on your way……..

Payton Carol Thomas, July 28th 2010. 5 lbs 6 0z. :

Payton Carol Thomas, July 28 th 2010. 5 lbs 6 0z.

Oh no! A bigger version of me?!:

Oh no! A bigger version of me?!

My mama and Daddyyyy!:

My mama and Daddyyyy ! FIRST FAMILY PICTURE!!!! July 28t h 2010.

Daddy and Nana:

Daddy and Nana Daddy and PA

Proud Daddy, Mimi and Pa.:

Proud Daddy, Mimi and Pa.

Mema and PawPaw:

Mema and PawPaw

Bubba and Ms. Tammy:

Bubba and Ms. Tammy

Gigi And Boo!:

Gigi And Boo!

Slide 24:

My Cousin Aiden and My Bubba.

Slide 25:

Uncle Adam, Aunt Keke and my Cousins hanging out for the first time!

My Cool Cousin, Casey!:

My Cool Cousin, Casey!

Hayley Loves ME!:

Hayley Loves ME!

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Payton-”TAP OUT!!!” Bentley-”Is this really Happening?…MOM!!!” Payton- HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND BOY?! Besides it being a pink bumbo for a girl, it’s also MINE! Payton-His face is so squishy!

Your Cousins on mommy’s side.:

Your Cousins on mommy’s side. Caden , Hayley(taking care of me and I don’t like it!), Wyatt, Bentley and Hannah.


FOUR GENERATIONS Me, Nana, Mommy, Bentley, Gigi and Hayley.



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Strawberry Festival 2011.

Your First Halloween 2010.:

Your First Halloween 2010.

Our First Christmas with you!!:

Our First Christmas with you!!

Slide 40:

Christmas Lane 2010

Slide 41:

Christmas At Mommy and Daddy’s!

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Slide 43:

Christmas With Nana!

Slide 44:

My First Christmas at Gigi’s and Grandaddy’s .

My First Easter….:

My First Easter….

Slide 46:

My Cousins and our visit with the easter bunny!!

My 1st Summer full of fun means I’m almost one!!!:

My 1 st Summer full of fun means I’m almost one!!!

June 12th at JackiE’s Final Farewell…Hannah’s dance recital.:

June 12 th at JackiE’s Final Farewell…Hannah’s dance recital . WATCHING HANNAH DANCE HER TOOSH OFF!

Me and my Cousins @ Chuck E Cheese!:

Me and my Cousins @ Chuck E Cheese!

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