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This qualification aims to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to be effective in a sales management role and be able to develop customer account plans, achieve preferred supplier status, define appropriate territories and explore the bid/tender management process.


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LEVEL 5 Level 5 Diploma IN SALES & ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT WELCOME In recent years lots of new training opportunities for Sales Executives have been introduced into the market, delivered by companies who specialise in the generic requirements of a particular industry. In a bid to move away from the generic and towards developing truly unique solutions focussed on business development for individual organisations, Advance, an established sales management training and consulting company, have developed an interactive and engaging multimedia Diploma in Sales and Account Management, which is accredited by the ISMM and entirely focused on individuals and organisations operating in a sales environment. The course is unique in bringing the positive features of interaction and inspiration from the classroom and increasing their effect by exploiting the powerful advantages which arise from the transfer of learning to a mobile world. The delivery method is more than just training provision it offers sustainable learning facilitation. The Diploma is designed to deliver effective training in an online environment integrated into mobile technology. The combined efficiency of faster delivery, flexibility and the convenience of mobile learning delivers maximum impact at minimum cost with a swift and positive effect on competitive edge and business performance. Professor Claudio Vignali PhD Vice President CIRCLE (College for International Retailing, Consumerism, Leisure and Entrepreneurship) Head of the Virtual University College at the University of Vitez Recognised by

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ADVANCE SELLING SKILLS: OUR BACKGROUND Advance has over 30 years of experience in developing and refining the content on which our current sales training courses are based. We have combined this experience with business theory and proven market research to develop our programmes. Our courses have been delivered to over 20,000 people and our customers include many of today’s leading organisations. More recently we have taken the positive features of the classroom experience and transformed them into an engaging, immersive, online learning experience. Our content populates our business-focussed learning management system which is built on a powerful software platform -together these create the Advance online Sales Academy. The full content of our courses has been mapped with learning outcomes at different competency levels to allow us to tailor our approach at the individual level to enhance and accelerate skills training. We provide core professional selling skills needed in all circumstances. Skills needed to create the sale, win the sale and develop a customer account. The Advance Academy contains individual modules each of which are standalone courses in their own right. These modules are combined and themed to create programmes and sub-programmes. HOW OUR COURSE IS UNIQUE The ISMM accredited Level 5 Diploma in Sales and Account Management from Advance is offered to individuals and organisations (through an Advance Branded Academy). The Level 5 Diploma is delivered to virtual environments online and offline through our Learning Management System which connects formal, informal and collaborative learning. By enrolling with Advance for an ISMM Diploma you gain a significant and unique advantage: it includes one year’s subscription to the online Advance Sales Academy . You gain full access to a comprehensive choice of world class sales training assets. You will be able to explore many interactive, multimedia courses and e-books; all structured in online and offline ‘bite-size’ units for maximum flexibility. The Academy also contains a wealth of supportive documentation and forms to help you develop in your sales role. All of our e-training is constructed in HTML5, which allows content to be experienced on multiple platforms including iOS and Android via mobile and desktop devices. WHO SHOULD ENROL • Established or aspiring sales managers, account managers, regional sales managers or regional/ key account managers. • People working at this level have responsibility for planning and developing courses of action and have a large degree of autonomy. They are also responsible for the work of other people. • Ideally, candidates should have a good understanding of sales at an operational level and have the desire to sell or manage the sale of larger projects at a strategic level. ADVANTAGES OF THE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM The virtual classroom offers many advantages over traditional classroom-based learning. Flexibility and convenience - The Advance Virtual Classroom is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Time efficiency is another strength brought by the online learning format. Participants can access the Diploma modules at any time of the day or night. Our e-training is flexible with respect to where and when study takes place. Progress Faster - An individualised approach allows learners to progress through the course at their own speed - more quickly through material they already know and understand to move onto areas where they need more training. E-training is completed significantly faster than conventional classroom methods where courses operate at the speed of the slowest learner. Increased Retention - Our multimedia units combine many elements to reinforce the message and to build memory which results in better retention. Unlike the classroom, learners can replay sections of the training that might not have been clear first time. This is an especially useful feature for salespeople in the field, who can refresh newly-learned key skills via their mobile devices in the moments before scheduled customer meetings. Reduced cost - For organisations e-training offers many cost savings when compared to face-to-face training. No classrooms to pay for, participant travel and accommodation expenses saved, no manuals or notes to print, store and distribute. It allows large numbers of people to participate in a high quality learning situation when distance and schedule would make traditional training methods difficult-to-impossible. This what our customers say about the quality of our training: “Our challenge was to turn to a services sales force into one capable of selling global services to multinational companies. They provided innovative sales training which proved brilliantly effective. It gave the sales team the techniques and the confidence to tackle their new market and proved really successful for the business.” General Electric Information Services - (GEISCO) LEVEL 5 DIPLOMA IN SALES AND ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT This Qualification aims to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to be effective in a

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LEVEL 5 LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of the diploma you should: • Know about legal, regulatory, ethical & social requirement of the sales process and how to deal with noncompliance • Know when and how to undertake stakeholder analysis • Understand how to comply with legislation when selling • Understand customer buying practices / support issues and your own organisation’s business value • Understand marketing research & how it is used in sales and how a marketing strategy supports the sales process • Understand sales territory design, planning and management and the factors that affect territory management • Understand how to build relationships with accounts, use networking & consultative selling and monitor / control customer relationships • Understand the principles of bid & tender management and how to follow up the tendering of the bid • Be able to prepare for customer procurement and gather information to develop customer accounts • Be able to use market analysis in sales, and alignment with marketing strategies to progress sales • Be able to review & revise territory plans and resource sales territories • Be able to use financial tools to assess & prioritise new accounts & measure potential value; follow your organisation’s management accounting procedures and evaluate financial risks • Be able to prepare for & write a bid and tender a bid to the customer. BENEFITS TO BUSINESSES Course sponsors see a swift return on investment because the Diploma is structured into flexible bite-sized units, enabling limited development time to be used more effectively and delivering immediate business value. On-going benefits to organisations include: Improved sales processes which lead to: • Ability to identify more sales opportunities • Greater productivity • Increased effectiveness. CONTACT DETAILS For further information about this course, please contact: Advance ISMM Course Administrator Tel: 0845 125 9098 Email: Increased sales and profits, through: • Improved competitive edge Ability to attract, retain and grow professional sales managers and account managers leading to: • Improved motivation and retention rates of sales staff through professional development (and lower attrition) • Improved customer retention rates via improved account and relationship management • Improved customer perception through increased professionalism. Ultimately increased win rates via better individual and Team performance improving your competitive edge and with improved operational efficiency. BENEFITS TO INDIVIDUALS The Level 5 Diploma • gives practising or potential Sales Manager and /or Account Managers the foundation for their formal development in either role • allows individuals to develop real skills in a structured manner, • allows individuals to gain the knowledge needed to succeed as a sales manager or account manager giving you competitive edge in today’s dynamic business world • An ISMM qualification will enable you to: • fully demonstrate your commitment to your chosen career • enhance your CV • improve your sales credentials with formal acknowledgement of sales management and account management expertise • Progress It is possible to progress from an ISMM Level 5 qualification to an MA, in Sales Management, an MSc, in Sales Management or an MBA. Recognised by

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